Outdoor Decor

As we are discovering this year, folks are relocating in large numbers to Arizona, many are choosing Tucson to settle. I say to all the newbies, Welcome to Tucson. There are 10 good months of pleasant weather here and outdoor living is what we have become accustom to. So, it’s no surprise that folks want to find art that suits their home but also their courtyard, patios, and pool sides. I’m your gal and happy to oblige. Here are two new mosaic panels that are suited for outdoor decor. They are 3-d sculpted tile features mixed with flat piece handmade…

Mosaic garden arch

2021… Here We Come!

I’ve decided to be more amazing this year! In this season I look forward to starting new projects, creating new opportunities for students and my followers. I’m not sure when the art festivals will be coming back so I am aiming for more of an online presence….

Drawing From The Desert

I never tire of the desert life.  Sometimes I think about living in some other part of the country but I always follow it up with …”but I will miss the desert”. How blessed I am to be living in a place that has amazing weather,  the best sunsets, exotic cactus, dramatic monsoons, easy winters, wide open blue, orange or pink skies, purple majestic mountains, wild lightning shows, starry starry nights that go on forever. Among all that are desert critters that have adapted to the scorching summers; groups of javalina seem to startle the family dog, the coyote party…


  Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Do others think you’re a profectionist?   Or do you proudly proclaim you are not one at all?  I am talking about as an artist…not a brain surgeon. Is it bad to be a perfectionist?  That label kinda gets a bad rap. During one of my classes recently,  a student nonchalantly said she was not a perfectionist.  It got me thinking.  First of all,  I don’t expect any of my students to do things perfectly or hold themselves to the standards I hold myself as a professional artist.  I typically expect my students come…

Taking A Risk

I have a new little venture. I decided to enter 3 of my canvas paintings into a juried art show. All three were accepted. I was excited to receive the news.  I still am.  I have been in many juried shows through out my 29 year art career but this one is different because I entered canvas paintings only.  I love painting and I love ceramics.  Ceramics comes easier of coarse.   But painting, I am never too sure.  I am amazed how other painters can just whip up so many beautiful ideas and have a great body of work to…

Outdoor Art

The past several weeks I have produced larger work for indoors or outdoors.  This bench is titled: AGAVE BENCH WITH FLOWER STALKS Handmade tile on a concrete bench 38″ long by 14″ wide by 15″ high with a 3 ” thick top reinforced with rebar Currently at Harlow Gardens, Tucson, AZ  I will be at the Moonlight Art Market at Harlow Gardens this Saturday, April 22 from 6:00 to 8:30. This invitational event will have several other artists, live music and refreshments Come join the fun. Click any photo to enlarge. QUAIL TREE OF LIFE MOSAIC Handmade tile placed in…

Tile Garden Bench, Welcome and Install

Tiled garden bench awaits you.

New Botanical Pottery, Agave Cactus

Agave Serving Dish set. One of my favorite plants of the Sonoran Desert is the Agave Cactus. There are many different agaves but all of them hold inspiring beauty. What attracts me to them is their elegant long leaves, their texture and their spikey sillouette against the landscapes. And so I have created these whimsical serving plates or spoon rests. It makes a great table decor or give as a wedding gift. Each one is handmade from highfire clay and glazes with food safe glazes. These are available through my website at http://www.robinchladdesigns.artspan.com