Mosaic Mural; Corrales, New Mexico Style

  A finished mosaic back splash is a perfect touch to a custom home, Corrales, New Mexico style.  Incorporating handmade tiles of barrel cactus, flowering Yucca, flowering agave, and flowering aloe, along with a Jack Rabbit, butterflies, purple cactus, a family of quail,gecko, hummingbirds, and the sun peaking through the clouds. The project took twoContinue reading “Mosaic Mural; Corrales, New Mexico Style”

My New Mexico Trip

My trip  to Corrales, New Mexico is fast approaching. I have been hired to install a tile mural in a residence.  The tile is pretty much completed…fired and laid out. Even though it’s a fairly small size mural, only 48″ x 24″ tall, the challenge is getting it to fit in an intermittent concave niche,Continue reading “My New Mexico Trip”

Arroyo Garden Murals

Last week was the completion of the tiled murals I was hired to make and install.  This is my first commercial job and it actually went pretty smoothly.  No different than installing for homes.  Well… maybe a little different.  It’s  a mans world in a construction zone.  Being one of the 3 women…everyone was veryContinue reading “Arroyo Garden Murals”

New Work in the Old Pueblo

So it’s February.  January flew by.  I feel I was only present for half of January because what ever was going around… name it, I caught it!  I am glad to see January ’16 leave. And good riddance. Meanwhile, I have been busy with new designs for an up coming tile mosaic job I haveContinue reading “New Work in the Old Pueblo”

Something to do, see and touch.

  We are almost half way through August and that means I need to get serious about building inventory for the upcoming fall shows. I will be offering one more month of classes for September, then change gears and will focus on fall and holiday sales. My September Classes will begin Tuesday,Sept. 2  for 4Continue reading “Something to do, see and touch.”

June is Wedding Month. Give something unique.

June is the month for weddings.  Do you know anyone who is getting married this summer?  I do.  My nephew is getting married.  I am excited for him and his future wife.  His mom and dad are so proud.  And I know what I am going to give them.  One of my botanical pottery pieces.Continue reading “June is Wedding Month. Give something unique.”

New Botanical Pottery, Agave Cactus

Agave Serving Dish set. One of my favorite plants of the Sonoran Desert is the Agave Cactus. There are many different agaves but all of them hold inspiring beauty. What attracts me to them is their elegant long leaves, their texture and their spikey sillouette against the landscapes. And so I have created these whimsicalContinue reading “New Botanical Pottery, Agave Cactus”

Sincerest Form of Flattery

          There have been times in my career that I have been very protective of my designs.  I have had experience designing very marketable products that made my small art business grow and the work I designed was sought after. At the time, it was exciting, exilerating and a feather inContinue reading “Sincerest Form of Flattery”

Weekend Warrior Grout Workshop!

We had a blast on Saturday and Sunday.  My Tuesday Mosaic class finished making thier tiles.  So they ordered frames and I taught a grout class this past weekend,  Here are some pics of the girls making/ painting thier tiles. This is Dee Jay.  Painting his 3-d turtle on a tile. Heather, painting away, tryingContinue reading “Weekend Warrior Grout Workshop!”

New Classes, New Work and The Newness of a New Year.

Happy New Year!   I am so glad 2013 is O.V.E.R. The New Year brings a new chance to start over.  To dress yourself in a new attitude, with new ideas, new hopes, new dreams, new love, new promises, a new skip in your step.  2014 here I come.  I am looking forward to newContinue reading “New Classes, New Work and The Newness of a New Year.”