Mosaic garden arch

2021… Here We Come!

I’ve decided to be more amazing this year! In this season I look forward to starting new projects, creating new opportunities for students and my followers. I’m not sure when the art festivals will be coming back so I am aiming for more of an online presence….

Taking A Risk

I have a new little venture. I decided to enter 3 of my canvas paintings into a juried art show. All three were accepted. I was excited to receive the news.  I still am.  I have been in many juried shows through out my 29 year art career but this one is different because I entered canvas paintings only.  I love painting and I love ceramics.  Ceramics comes easier of coarse.   But painting, I am never too sure.  I am amazed how other painters can just whip up so many beautiful ideas and have a great body of work to…