Mosaic Workshops & Mosaic Kits

I am so excited to be offering this class even during this time of uncertainty. I feel we all crave a creative avenue to keep us sane. It is the perfect time to take one of my mosaic workshop.  Grab a best friend, daughter, grandchild and make something memorable and beautiful.

First of all, it is easy.  Anyone can do it.  It is fun.  Do you like fun? I like fun.  And it doesn’t take long to find out how you can create a masterpiece within 3 hours time.  Which makes you kind of a genius.   Taking a mosaic workshop offered by me is a creative respite.

You pick out the tile, all pre-made by me.  You arrange and design a wall piece with an already prepared frame.  I help you every step of the way.  No experience necessary.   You glue, grout and smile as you take your project home when the class ends.

Held at Blue Raven Art School, 720 E Prince Road. In Tucson, AZ Saturday from 10:00- 1:00.

Proud Students showing off their masterpieces.


Reservation fee is $95.00

Reservation fee includes:  A prepared 10″ wrought iron frame, back board, mastic glue, grout, tools, hanging wire, other materials, instruction/class time and tax.

Filler tile fee is $95.00 and must be purchase in class to complete the project.

The filler tile consists of flowers, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, leaves, cactus pads, saguaros, sky, clouds, wind, agave cactus, hearts, rainbows, dogs, cats, snails, birds, grass, mountains, boarder tile strips, etc…. be assured  there will be a large variety of tile  to choose from.

All the tile is handmade. 3-D, sculptural tile and center pieces are an extra cost.

For example: Reservation Fee: $95.00

Filler Tile fee $ 95.00

Base cost would be $190.00 plus tax

BTW….if you would like a special tile or tiles made before the class you have registered for, you can order them in advance. At least 2 weeks before the class. Many have ordered an image of their pets. Just send a clear photo. This is an extra cost and fees vary. Please contact Robin for details.

May 27, Open!

Mark your calendar:

June 24, 2023

July 22, 2023

Pst…would you rather make an accent table? Go here for details. The table class will be held the same day, March 25, Meaning, you could make a table and your friend could make a 10″ wall panel in the same class.

Mosaic Workshop, , May 27, 2023

Mosaic Workshop May 27, 2023


Mosaic Workshop June 24, 2023

Mosaic Workshop, Saturday, June 24, 2023


Examples of optional tiles and ornaments are below.

Heart pockets
Bins of Tile

New Mosaic Kit! Now taking preorders!!!!

For limited time we are offering free shipping for preorders.

This is great news for those who don’t live in Tucson. I am now offering Mosaic Kits.

What is a Mosaic Kit? It’s pretty much what we do in a mosaic workshop. It’s a kit you can order on line and you get everything you need to design, glue and grout your own peace in your own home. This kit is easy to put together with your family, for a bridal shower, or just by yourself.

The kit comes in 2 designs: Floral Bouquet or Desert Landscape.

I know it looks like I’ve done it all for you but you have options to change out critters, cactus, flower colors, and even borders. Choose from cardinals, quails, birds, bunnies and javalinas, bees, cactus and flowers. And you get to change the design around any way you would like. It doesn’t have to be the same layout. You can copy the original design or make it your own.

Along with offering the kit, I will also be offering detailed tiles for an extra charge. They will be listed in my Etsy shop.

The kit comes with instructions, access to a glue and grout video, a list of items included in the kit, and a list of items you will need to to have handy in order to have a successful project.

You will receive more than enough tile, glue and grout to complete your project. Kit and Video will be available in 2 – 3 weeks.

The videos will be posted on my website.

This project is so much fun and turns out beautiful. Invite a friend over and have a creative blast.

When complete, hang it indoors or out.

Floral Bouquet Mosaic Tile Kit

Floral bouquet mosaic kit

Floral Bouquet Mosaic Tile Kit

Presale Desert Landscape Mosaic Tile kit includes: Free shipping! More than enough handmade tile 10″ prepared wrought iron frame Glue, Grout, tools, sponge, instructions, video Price includes shipping, tax, and insurance, Ships within 4 weeks


Desert Landscape Mosaic Tile Kit


Desert Landscape Mosaic tile Kit

Presale Desert Landscape Mosaic Tile kit includes: More than enough handmade tile 10″ prepared wrought iron frame Glue, Grout, tools, sponge, instructions, video Price includes shipping, tax, and insurance, Ships within 4 weeks


Purchase a Workshop Gift Certificate for a loved one to be used in 2022– 23.

Price includes everything including tax.
10″ prepared frame, tile, lesson, tools, grout, glue, in an air conditioned building.

This gift certificate can also be used toward another class, like a clay class.

If you would like to purchase a personalized gift certificate, contact Robin. 520-882-8099
Receiver must contact Robin to register for a future class beginning in January 2023.
To be used in year 2022/ 23 No refunds or exchanges.

Mosaic Workshop Gift Certificate 2022

Certificate to be used for any future Mosaic Workshop.


Any questions, please feel free to call me.  520-882-8099 or email or please comment below.