Welcome to my website!

Put on your sunglasses.  It’s bright in here!

Coming into the change of seasons, Spring is here in Tucson.  This year has been so full of favor and God’s grace!

The workshops and classes are in full swing. I have been able to extend my Mosaic Workshops into August. My plan is to offer the workshop into October.   And I have added 2 intensive technique classes that run through the months of April and May. Check it out,

Workshops: April thru August.

Last art show of the season is at :

Harlow Gardens Moonlight Art Market.  A select group of  artists event,  held April 27th from 6 – 8:30 p.m.   It’s quite a lovely evening soiree with refreshments and music.   Please join us!

My shop is increasing with more items to choose from.  So browse through for gift buying original art.  And don’t forget I am always up for making custom pieces.   Enjoy!








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