Outdoor Art

The past several weeks I have produced larger work for indoors or outdoors.  This bench is titled:


Handmade tile on a concrete bench

38″ long by 14″ wide by 15″ high

with a 3 ” thick top reinforced with rebar

Currently at Harlow Gardens, Tucson, AZ

 I will be at the Moonlight Art Market

at Harlow Gardens

this Saturday, April 22 from 6:00 to 8:30.

This invitational event will have several other artists, live music and refreshments

Come join the fun.

Click any photo to enlarge.


Handmade tile placed in an arched wrought iron frame

Many details in this project from quails and their chicks and unhatched eggs to butterflies, tree of life, pomegranates, flowers,hummingbirds and cactus to carved border tile.

This exquisite wall art can be hung indoor or outdoor, above a mantle or doorway.

32″ wide by 17″ high, ready to hang.

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Here is an unusual art piece that is inspirational, somewhat religious.

It’s a tile mosaic mixed with sculptural angels in boats.  The boats frame the angels like a retablo.

Each angel/ spirit holds a momento in their hands.  The first on the left holds an olive branch, an offer of reconciliation.  The middle one holds a sacred heart, the heart of Christ.  The Angel to the right holds a pomegranate,  offering fruitfulness, prosperity and generosity.

Surrounding the boats are cloud-like mosaic tiles, birds, stars and wings.

At the very bottom of the rectangle wrought iron frame are the words:

“You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”

drawn from the book of Psalms

16″ h by 25″ w by 2.5″ thick, ready to hang indoor/ outdoor

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This piece is a whimsical door with over head light image in a garden.

Lots of flowers, birds, a rabbit and cactus.

12″ square wall hanging set into a wrought iron frame, ready to hang.

Not yet posted on my Etsy site until after Moonlight Art Market

But if you would like to purchase direct, please contact me.




Tile Garden Bench, Welcome and Install

Years ago I made tile and mosaic benches on a concrete base and wrought iron tables.

It was fun and challenging but I look back at them and think ‘Geez, Robin.. (I could have used more tile). ‘  Back then I liked less tile and more grout because of the cool purple, black cherry and mauve colored grout that was available.  You can actually sculpt with grout.   But  I love the effect grout has on a mosaic design.  Just when you think it looks too busy the grout calms everything  down.

You can never have too much tile when designing a wall piece or a bench.  I always tell my students, make triple what you  think you need.

So I have learned over the years to make it interesting, trust, tweak, pay attention to common details and make ordinary items interesting and sometimes adorable



Jack Rabbit Welcome sign.

3-D ceramic shadow box with sculpted rabbit and cactus, handmade mosaic tile, 12  square in a wrought iron frame.


Enter a caption


Here is a concrete bench with mosaic tile application.

I call this “Agave Garden”

32″ l  x 15″w x 17″ h.  A beautiful mosaic tiled bench for the garden.  Reinforced with rebar with concrete legs.  It comes in 3 pieces.    This bench is available at Jane Hamilton Gallery in Tucson, AZ.  Seats 1 but can be ordered in larger sizes.





Did you know I love designing and making custom pieces to beautify homes and gardens?

If you have a favorite image you would like to see transformed onto a bench or a wall piece I would love the opportunity to make your wishes come true.

Here is a snap shot of  a hand painted tile mural that an Etsy follower purchased on my Etsy site and installed it to her home make over.  I think it turned out amazing.










The Gathering Season

The gathering season is upon us.

What better way to usher the fall season in by attending the Patagonia Fall Festival this weekend.  October 7-9.
That’s right. The beautiful and quaint western town of Patagonia is practically right in our back yards…only 1 hour away, One of my favorite places to visit and I will be participating in the Art show in the park.
There will be music and food and amazing art!  So hunt for those unique art pieces and gather your gifts for the up coming season.

I hope you can make it.

More Tucson shows coming in November and December!

With many new handmade ornament designs.

Here is a list of art shows I will be attending for the fall season.

Chris Bubany’s  Holiday  Market Place at Harlow Gardens,  5620 E Pima st, November 5 & 6.


Marigold Heart Ornament

Tucson Museum of Art Artisans Market, Downtown, November 18-20


Cow Skull Heart Ornament

Tohono Chul Park Holiday Lights, 7366 Paseo Del Norte,  December 2 & 3 and 16 & 17


Antler Heart Ornament

4th Avenue Winter Street Fair, 4th Avenue, December 9-11


Fiesta Flower Heart Ornament




Mosaic Mural; Corrales, New Mexico Style


Kitchen Mosaic Back splash


A finished mosaic back splash is a perfect touch to a custom home, Corrales, New Mexico style.  Incorporating handmade tiles of barrel cactus, flowering Yucca, flowering agave, and flowering aloe, along with a Jack Rabbit, butterflies, purple cactus, a family of quail,gecko, hummingbirds, and the sun peaking through the clouds.

The project took two days to install.  The owners were so gracious to me as well as their 6 well behaved cats.  Since I never got around to Go Pro-ing the installation,  here are some still shots of the process.
















My travels back home with monsoons all around  me was such a treat to watch all the way.


Dramatic!  Columns of Rain.


Hatch, New Mexico where I stopped to pick up a yellow watermelon and Hatch wine!

Chili fields.




My New Mexico Trip

My trip  to Corrales, New Mexico is fast approaching. I have been hired to install a tile mural in a residence.  The tile is pretty much completed…fired and laid out.

Even though it’s a fairly small size mural, only 48″ x 24″ tall, the challenge is getting it to fit in an intermittent concave niche, sight unseen.  That means allowing for slight design changes.  I am positive it will all work out beautifully.

This is the basic tile layout with an aloe garden and hummers, flowering fence post cactus and blooming yuccas and blackbirds.  This is all handmade tile, glazed and kiln high fired.






It is going to take me about 8 hours to drive up to Corrales.  So I decided to break up the drive by participating in a  pottery craft show along the way. The Clay Festival in Silver Springs, New Mexico.

I have heard about this show…..so I’m pulling out my tie dye and Birkenstocks! And splash on some essential oils for a stress free day!

There will be gallery shows and workshops  along with the Craft show.  Strictly clay of coarse.



Welcome Mosaic with 3-d door tile

Featured Piece:                  Welcome Mosaic wall hanging


Arroyo Garden Mural

Pre Mothers Day Open Studio Sale

Robin Chlad Designs 


FullSizeRender (36)

Agave Pottery Line                                                                     “wrap”  vases, tumblers, pitchers


Hi Folks,

I am holding a end of season Open Studio Sale.  April 23  from 9-1.  This is a private sale so you will have to contact me and  I can give you directions to my studio. robin.chlad@gmail.com  Or 5208828099 .  txt me.

I will also be collecting art supplies or money for the Gospel Rescue Mission Women and Children’s Center.  I volunteer/teach art classes once a month and we are always needing supplies.  The ladies really appreciate anything you can do.  You may remember last year we made Card books for Mother’s day.  It was awesome.

Here is a pic of one of the card/ books:FullSizeRender (6)

I will have  sale 20% off, selected items 80% off and I will have a free box too.

FullSizeRender (42)

Agave Tiled Arch Mural Wall Hanging Handmade Tile, grout, wrought iron frame


Teal, Window to my Heart, “Joy” Ornament


Welcome Mosaic with 3-d door tile

Welcome Mosaic with Sculpted Door Tile and Overhead Light


chicken spoon close up

Oversized Ceramic spoon, wall hanging but also functional.

IMG_3551_2 (1)

Arroyo Garden Murals

Last week was the completion of the tiled murals I was hired to make and install.  This is my first commercial job and it actually went pretty smoothly.  No different than installing for homes.  Well… maybe a little different.  It’s  a mans world in a construction zone.  Being one of the 3 women…everyone was very respectful and helpful.

As promised, I told you I would post pics of the project.  I didn’t have a Go-Pro.  I wish I could’ve had one but maybe the next project, which is coming up this summer.

I decided to have professional pictures done of this project in a few weeks. But here are some snap shots from my Iphone.  As you can see it is similar to the design of the mural I installed in Rocky Point, Mexico.  But A G  murals are totally flat whereas the Mexico mural has 3 dimensional birds, flowers and rabbits.  

Compare Here

You may see these murals and other art work at Arroyo Gardens Assisted Living in Green Valley, AZ.  They are having a Grand Opening May 12  11-2.    I am impressed with the place.  They really went overboard with local art and pottery galore.

I  also want to thank Sharon Hass, Interior Designer, who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this project.  She did  a fantastic job filling the facility with art, light, joy and life!


Arroyo Gardens Tiled Mosaic Mural 1 & 2. Located in Green Valley at Arroyo Gardens Assisted Living

FullSizeRender (43)

Arroyo Gardens Mural 7′ long by 24″ tall


Arroyo Gardens Tiled Mosaic Mural Cactus, quails, gecko, butterfly and hummers, lush succulents and wildflowers.


Arroyo Gardens Tiled Mosaic Mural Jack Rabbits, Santa Rita Purple Prickly Pear cactus, Agave, dragonfly, blooming cactus


So my next project is my daughter’s home.  I am going to document that from beginning to end with sketches and the whole process.  I may even be brave enough to video me….eeeek.

My Facebook page Continue reading

Lead by the Spirit

Many things inspire me, all day long.

Here are a few Shadow Box  sculptures that were inspired by gardening, bird watching and nature with a bit of  whimsy.

Hummer and Datura sb

Hummer with Wild Flower Ceramic Shadow Box


FullSizeRender (33)

Dove on a Flowering Saguaro Cactus Ceramic Shadow Box


c wren cactus box

Cactus Wren and Cactus Shadow box


pom with verdin box

Pomegranate with Verdin Shadow Box


cardinal with figs box good

Cardinal with Figs Shadow Box




FullSizeRender (33)

Adoring Peacock with Flower Vase Shadow Box


rabbit red bird s b

Red Bird and Rabbit Shadow Box






A Month of Hearts

Ahhhh, February 14.  A day for love.  A day for sweetness.  A day for affection.

Are you at a loss of what to get for your lovely love?  I have some ideas.

I love hearts.  I make them all year long.  Hearts with wings, flaming hearts, hearts with leaping rabbits, hearts with birds, hearts with pockets for cats to hide in, American Flag hearts…

So many to choose from:

These are available at my Etsy shop:   https://www.etsy.com/shop/RobinChladDesigns?section_id=6939494&ref=shopsection_leftnav_4


FullSizeRender (31)

Flaming Heart Ornament


As I announced in my blog back in January, I am enamored with Essential Oils and not just any essential oils. I love Young Living (YL)  Essential Oils (EO’s) because they are therapeutic grade,  they are healing and soothing.

I find the back story to this company fascinating   YL is a grass roots company and the oils are pure.  The overseeing of production from seed to seal is with utmost care.

How did I get into YL EO’s ?

It started with my massage therapist 3 years ago. She would use them on my back, a massage called Rain Drop Therapy.  It felt so wonderful but she refused to take the credit. Instead, she insisted that it was the oils doing the work.  She called them “living oils”.  It was a little earthy but whatever, I thought.

I didn’t really fall in love with them until I started following Dr. Joshua Axe, a functional doctor who specializes in leaky gut issues.  He really believes in them and encourages his followers to use them everyday.

They can be ingested, used topical or difussed in your home or office. I use them for allergies, RA and back issues.  I use oils like Frankinsence, Thieves, Peppermint and Lavender.   I had a terrible bout of crud in January and my oils came in handy.  I never had to take antibiotics and that was a success in itself.  But I used them in place of Otc (over the counter) drugs. And during this time of using them on a daily basis I have noticed my hormones are back in balance.   If you want to know more, please contact me. I will be happy to share with you what I have learned.   I am a distributor.

So why am I bringing this all up?

Dipping Bowls:


Dipping Bowls and Essential oils

I designed some mini bowls a while back to mix my oils in to have on my bathroom counter ready to dip into when washing my face, or after bath moisturizer.

I also use the mini bowls for holding pink salt for seasoning at the kitchen counter.  I find these little bowls very useful not only for personal use but also for entertaining.  For those of you who follow cooking shows, you might have noticed little bowls the chefs use for their herbs, rubs and spices.

You can also use the bowls for sushi ginger sauce at your guest’s place setting. Or for olive oil if you plan to serve an Italian dinner for Valentines.

These little bowls come in very handy. They are made of kiln fired ceramic, with food safe glazes. EO’s and bowls would make a wonderful Valentine gift for your special person.


Heart Ornaments, Heart Ring Dish and Essential oils


More Valentine gift ideas.  Hearts and Essential Oils.  Ring catcher or a wall decoration.

These are special handmade gifts and  original designs


Essential Oils and Heart Dipping Bowl


Teal, Window to my Heart, “Joy” Ornament


Purple, Window to my Heart, bird Ornament


3=D, Heart Ornament with white dove and wings, 14kt. gold overlay

As I said, you can see more at my Etsy shop.  You may purchase directly from there or if you live in Tucson, Arizona, you may contact me direct through the blog.

I also have a handful of galleries that you can find my work at:

Tohono chul Park, Tucson, AZ

Tucson Museum of Art, Gift shop

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Paloma Art, Tucson,AZ

Dos Corazones, Tubac, AZ

Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac, AZ

Estaban’s in Tlaquepaque, Sedona, AZ

Zonies Galleriea, Sedona, AZ

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.




New Work in the Old Pueblo

So it’s February.  January flew by.  I feel I was only present for half of January because what ever was going around…..you name it, I caught it!  I am glad to see January ’16 leave. And good riddance.

Meanwhile, I have been busy with new designs for an up coming tile mosaic job I have been hired to create.  It’s always exciting to have a new challenge, a reprieve from the daily bread and butter.

I will give you a sneak preview…..based on the mural I designed and created for a Rocky Point, Mexico sea side residence over the summer/ 2015.  I apologize for the lousy photos.  The whole image was difficult to capture the perspective in the area it was installed.   A stair well.



FullSizeRender (26)

Cactus Garden mural 6 ft. x 2 ft. total 

FullSizeRender (27)

Cactus Garden tile mural


FullSizeRender (28)

Rocky Point Desert Landscape tile mural


The Saguaro flowers, Aloe plant and birds are low relief.  The mural is contour grouted.

FullSizeRender (29)

Cactus Garden tile mural

This is phase 1 of the project.  There are  more tiles to be placed above: sky/ soaring birds/ clouds/ sun and rays.

Once phase 2 is installed I will post more pics.

Installation for the new mural will be in April, if all goes well.