A Call for a New Home with Studio Space

Rainy Day Vase

An artist friend once told me when growing your business, try to work out of your home as long as you can possibly stand it. That was back in the 90s. I followed that advise until I couldn’t anymore, then rented a warehouse. It seemed to be perfect timing and everything fell into place. I had a separate work place with room to grow. I had employees, a production area, a shipping department. Do I want all that again? Not really.

Fast forward to today….business strategies have changed and I have been able to work out of my tiny townhome for 9 years. It’s been cozy and cute and it has worked for me in so many ways. But it is swallowing up my living space and now I am in need of a larger place to live, with room to expand my art and my business. I am hoping my followers in the Tucson area can help me.

I have a demand for more classes, classes for larger projects and orders for larger custom panels for patios and benches of coarse. I am truly grateful for that demand. There is so much more I want to offer but I am limited in my current space. I have outgrown it, and like I said, my studio space has crept into my living space as well as taken over my back yard. I work on the benches, when the weather allows and the part of day when mosquitos aren’t too thick. It’s been one of the toughest summers to work through.

My challenge this year has been to find the right house to work out of. I have been looking for a house to buy since April. I have put in several offers on homes only to be out-bid mostly by cash offers. My price range is $240K – $260K.

I am looking for a 3 bed/ 2 bath, around 1500 sq feet or more, with an Arizona room, a small yard, large covered patio, and garage in the north central to northwest side of Tucson. I am trying to be closer to my daughter’s family because she needs my help on a weekly basis.

Another detail I have to reveal is that I’m anticipating having surgery on my left hand, replacing every large knuckle due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, sometime in early 2022. I would like to get moved into a new place before I have surgery for I will be unable to use my hand for at least 3 months. I am not worried because I know God has got me and he uses everything to his glory.

So if you know of anyone who is getting ready to list their house that meet’s my needs please hook a gal up.

Here are two photos of my backyard work space. The one on the left was taken in April. The one on the right is what it looks like now. At least I have a space to work and I make it work. But it would be nicer to have a little more space because the Lord has given me some designs that require more room.

My next Mosaic Workshop is Saturday, September 11th. To sign up go Here

Check out my Clay classes now open for registration. Here

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