Vases, Pitchers, Butter Keepers and Canisters

Tall Sunrise Poppy Vase.

A bright and cheery tall vase for flowers or an art piece to brighten any home. This vase always make me happy! Hand made from slab clay, with a yellow/ orange “ sunrise” glaze, a garden motif design with poppies, hummingbirds, and lupine. Hand painted, high fired, durable. The wedding season is coming up and this vase makes a great wedding gift. It measures 15” tall, the opening is 5” wide, the bottom circumference is 4”. Price includes shipping, insurance and tax. Ships in 3-5 days.

Tall Sunrise Poppy Vase

Tall Sunrise Poppy Vase

15″ Pottery Vase, Price includes shipping, insurance and tax


Guardian Dog Vase A wonderful whimsical pottery vase with a garden image of giant Poppies, Mocking bird and Black- eyed-susans with a sweet dog house. Within the dog house sits the dog! He’s the perfect guardian/garden dog! Hand built from slab clay and hand painted, high fired, oval in shape. Multiple layers of teal and blue glaze, bright red and orange for poppies. On the back side is a continued garden theme with a blue butterfly. Measures 10.5” h x 9.5” w x 4” d. Vase does hold water for a fresh bouquet of flowers. A pottery vessel art piece. Available at Wilde Meyer Gallery

Bye Bye Birdie Vase with Handles

Tall White Poppy Vase

A lovely white glazed base vase, garden design with bold red and orange poppies, purple daisies, blue birds and butterfly. 13″ x 4″ x 3″, holds water for a fresh bouquet of flowers. Available at Wilde Meyer Gallery


Black Crow Vase

A whimsical way to hold your fresh bouquet of flowers, this vase has an unusual opening. Handmade from slab clay. High fired and durable. A garden design with flowers and black crows on a white glaze base. Simple and elegant.

Black Crow Vase

Black Crow Vase

Black Crow Vase, 9″ tall x 3″ circumference, price includes tax, shipping. insurance. Ships in 5 days


2 Handle Poppy Vase

vase retake 2

SOLD!  Consider a custom vase.  Robin can make another similar to this one.

Tall oval poppy vase with 2 handles. Hummingbird and Poppy motif hand painted on both side of vase.
The top of vase replicates a blossomed red poppy, while underneath replicates a poppy field.
Grasses, flowers, and hummingbirds.
This vase looks great with long stemmed gladiolas or red gerber flowers. It is meant for fresh flowers and can hold water.

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