Vases, Pitchers and Canisters

Jack Rabbit Chillin Canister

Jack canister

Jack Rabbit Chillin Canister

Jack Rabbit Chillin Canister is a ceramic oval box with lid. Glazed with beautiful teal hues with cactus, butterfly, bunny motif. Hand built, hand sculpted, kiln fired with food safe glazes. Use for storing nuts, candies, sugar, etc.... This adorable canister would make a charming accent to any home. Measures 7” high x 6.25” wide x 5” deep. Price includes shipping, insurance and tax. Ships in 5 days.


Tall Hummingbird Pitcher   Sold


Tall Yellow Poppy Vase  Sold

tall yellow poppy vase 1


Tall Red Hummingbird Agave Vase


Tall, bold and elegant! This Red vase with squiggle handles makes a beautiful decor for a pop of color. Images of a couple of jetting hummingbirds hover over an agave cactus. This vase has bold colors of red, teal, purple, and orange. Use for a bouquet of tall tiger lilys or giant marigolds. Perfect for a fall decor. Hand made from slab clay, oval formed, Kiln fired, glazed with food safe glaze. Measures 15″ tall x 11.5″ (handle to handle) x 4″ deep.  Available at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery, Tucson , AZ

2 Handle Poppy Vase

vase retake 2

SOLD!  Consider a custom vase.  Robin can make another similar to this one.

Tall oval poppy vase with 2 handles. Hummingbird and Poppy motif hand painted on both side of vase.
The top of vase replicates a blossomed red poppy, while underneath replicates a poppy field.
Grasses, flowers, and hummingbirds.
This vase looks great with long stemmed gladiolas or red gerber flowers. It is meant for fresh flowers and can hold water. Price includes tax, shipping and insurance. Ships in 5 days

Utensil Vase


Agave Bird Utensil Holder/ 7″ Vase,

Ceramic Utensil Holder or Vase with an Agave cactus and birds design. Teal, blue and green glazes, handmade, hand painted, kiln fired, food safe glaze, dishwasher safe. Oval in shape. Two sided design. It also can serve a beautiful flower vase. Price includes shipping, insurance and tax. Ships in 5 days.


Agave Soap Pump holder/  5″ vase

5 inch Agave vase 1

Agave Quail Vase pottery/ 5″ Vase

Ceramic Soap pump holder with an Agave cactus design. Handmade, hand painted, kiln fired, dishwasher safe, Lead free glaze. A charming oval shaped vase with teal glaze and desert motif of agave cactus and quails. This vase is great for holding a soap container in. Hide the plastic soap pump with this adorable pottery. Price includes shipping, insurance and tax. Ships in 3-5 days. Measures 5.5″ tall, x 4″ wide x 2.5″ deep.