Drawing From The Desert

I never tire of the desert life.  Sometimes I think about living in some other part of the country but I always follow it up with …”but I will miss the desert”.

How blessed I am to be living in a place that has amazing weather,  the best sunsets, exotic cactus, dramatic monsoons, easy winters, wide open blue, orange or pink skies, purple majestic mountains, wild lightning shows, starry starry nights that go on forever.

Among all that are desert critters that have adapted to the scorching summers; groups of javalina seem to startle the family dog, the coyote party yipping with joy, the cactus wren dodging in and out the brush, the gila woodpecker yakking in the backyard, cottontails hopping from shadow to shadow.

But let me not forget the spotted geckos stuck to the window waiting for bugs in the evening light, the lowly palo verde beetle feverishly looking for it’s mate,  a couple bobcats chilling on the pony wall, Mr Quail perched on a mesquite calling for his family hiding under the prickly pear cactus.  My goodness, there is so much life in this dry desert.

And all this is my inspiration for my art work.  A beautiful creation by God.  It is so thoughtful of Him to create such a symphony of nature for me to draw from, to make beautiful things from, to live and prosper from.  Glory!  Glory! Glory! God pays attention to the details.  He knew I would be a detailed person that would love living in the southwest desert.  And so, I’m just sitting here being all full of gratitude.

Here are some new works:

“DESERT BUDDIES”  mosaic Welcome wall plaque

Click here for more details and purchase info.


SYMPHONY OF NATURE 2 mosaic wall art

Click here for more info and and purchase details.




FLOWERING SANTA RITA long dish pottery

Click here for more info and purchase details


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