Outdoor Decor

As we are discovering this year, folks are relocating in large numbers to Arizona, many are choosing Tucson to settle. I say to all the newbies, Welcome to Tucson.

There are 10 good months of pleasant weather here and outdoor living is what we have become accustom to. So, it’s no surprise that folks want to find art that suits their home but also their courtyard, patios, and pool sides.

I’m your gal and happy to oblige.

Here are two new mosaic panels that are suited for outdoor decor. They are 3-d sculpted tile features mixed with flat piece handmade tile. My inspiration comes from the beautiful plants and flowers that grow here in the Sonoran Desert and also my very tiny back yard/ garden, which is mostly a container garden. But it’s enough to attract certain birds and it keeps me entertained during my breaks from the studio work. And with that comes along ideas for mosaic designs.

Birds of Desert Paradise, 30″ x 16″ Wall Panel Mosaic. Sold!

Features of high relief Cardinal, Agave flowers, Bird of Paradise blooms, Agave leaves, Quails, and Bunny.

Morning Has Broken, 30″ x 16″ Wall Panel Mosaic Sold.

Features of high relief Lesser Gold Finches, Aloe flower blooms, Barrel cactus and flower. Low relief Aloes and gecko.

Puppy Welcome Plaque 12″ square, Mosaic and 3D.

Dog house tile with dog are hand sculpted with an over head night light. Welcome letters are hand cut and raised.

Mosaic Workshops

I am very busy this summer with custom orders, building inventory, and holding classes and workshops. We just had a fabulous mosaic workshop this week and the designs these ladies come up with blows me away. Check out the table or panel workshops coming July and August. Open for registration.

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