Grateful for the Glory

  November is always a welcomed month.  So full of out door activities, art shows,  preplanning for the holidays, art shows, gardening, catching lunch with a friend, and did I mention art shows?  Not only is November a busy time for me it is also a time to reflect and be grateful on a dailyContinue reading “Grateful for the Glory”

Heart Art and February Happenings

We are about half way through January 2019.  Happy New Year Ya’ll! I am relieved the holiday season is behind us, although a little sad because I love the Christmas season and the joyousness of it all.  But I  look forward to new projects the Lord has given to me for the new year.  EveryContinue reading “Heart Art and February Happenings”

Tile Garden Bench, Welcome and Install

Tiled garden bench awaits you.

A Month of Hearts

Ahhhh, February 14.  A day for love.  A day for sweetness.  A day for affection. Are you at a loss of what to get for your lovely love?  I have some ideas. I love hearts.  I make them all year long.  Hearts with wings, flaming hearts, hearts with leaping rabbits, hearts with birds, hearts withContinue reading “A Month of Hearts”

New Work in the Old Pueblo

So it’s February.  January flew by.  I feel I was only present for half of January because what ever was going around… name it, I caught it!  I am glad to see January ’16 leave. And good riddance. Meanwhile, I have been busy with new designs for an up coming tile mosaic job I haveContinue reading “New Work in the Old Pueblo”

Planning Your Summer Staycations

Another couple weeks and school will be let out for the summer.  The weather is heating up (in Tucson) and ya’ll are preparing to make a list of places you want to go and things you want to do for fun.  Yes, fun!  It’s supposed to be fun in the summer.   May I makeContinue reading “Planning Your Summer Staycations”

3D Workshop at Santa Theresa Tile Works

I feel honored to be invited to teach a workshop at Santa Theresa Tile Works in the month of February!  A 2 day workshop on Thursdays, February 20 & 27.  3 hours each. It will be a 3 dimensional clay class on how to build a flower shadow box. My ceramic shadow boxes look likeContinue reading “3D Workshop at Santa Theresa Tile Works”

Being Busy, Fall Fun and Show Schedule

I have been really focused.  Pushing myself to get inventory built up, marketing, writing a business plan (or I keep thinking about that one, haven’t quite got to it yet), relearning how to follow a budget, while juggling small jobs here and there until the holiday buying season  kicks in.  But I have managed toContinue reading “Being Busy, Fall Fun and Show Schedule”


Tuesday’s mosaic class has come and gone way too fast. I am teaching a new  6 week session of clay tile mosaics to 4 inspiring and fun loving women.  The class goes by so quickly that I am almost sad to see it end.  And ya know what?  They inspire me. After they all left tonight,Continue reading “Rewarding”