Robin  Chlad (pronounced sha-lad) has been an artist all her life with a focus on ceramics in all forms.  Originally from upstate New York she has lived in Tucson since 1986.  She attended Pima Community College  in 1987 and started her ceramic design business in 1989 calling it Art & Clay Designs.  She started out in the wholesale sector with a product that catapulted her into not only an artist but a business woman as well.  As she developed a flair for marketable clay products she began to fill custom orders for fun functional pottery, tile mosaics, sculpture and unique ornaments.

Robin’s work is referred to as contemporary folk art with a leaning toward southwest.  Her work is playful, bright, bold and well executed.  Her collectors recognize the quality and craftsmanship she puts into each one of  her art pieces.  Her inspiration comes from God, nature, and the southwest culture in which she lives.

She combines her talents and experience to share with homeless women at the Gospel Rescue Mission.  Volunteering there monthly, Robin, in her own way, gives respite to the ladies and finds it very rewarding.


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  2. Patricia Cowan

    Hello Robin:

    I met you this morning at the Philips Art Show and wanted to buy a piece but did not have my check book w/me. I am the woman who has commissioned work from both Carol Hegedus and Gail T. Roberts. If you go to Gail’s website and look for the fireplace and window surround, those are the pieces she did for me, plus I have a few others. I love tile. My next piece will be outdoors and in an alcove, so I would very much like to visit your studio when you are packed w/completed work. B/c this is in the front, I don’t want to overspend, as some one may decide to damage it. I must be able to secure it to my wall, as any 4×4 tiles are secured. …. So if you have a lot of left over work, I’d love to stop by and see it. If not, I’d like to stay in touch. Patricia Cowan, 3410 N Tanuri Dr, Tucson, AZ 85750


  3. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for following my blog! I can’t wait to see more of your amazing artistic flair in upcoming posts. 🙂


  4. Susan Marie Mallett

    I just ordered some pieces of yours off Etsy then finally thought to look here 🙂 Wow….Amazing artwork!!! I have a vase i bought when staying at El Conquistador in the past from Ironwood shop. It resembles something you might do, or be able/willing to create. Utterly lovely. Accidentally broken I still have. A very distinctive signature ” on bottom: Agave and initials. Would be wonderful if you could do!!!.Thank youlll Susan

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    1. Hi Susan, Send a picture to me and I will let you know .


  5. Susan Mallett

    Thank you!!! Please relay best way to send please to you. Will send 1 of vase and artists unique signature.


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