Angels in July

I am offering another Small Sculpture Clay class series.  This time we will tackle the human form of an Angel.

Some people might look at my work and see spiritual components.  It’s true, my work is inspirational….

Outdoor Art

The past several weeks I have produced larger work for indoors or outdoors.  This bench is titled: AGAVE BENCH WITH FLOWER STALKS Handmade tile on a concrete bench 38″ long by 14″ wide by 15″ high with a 3 ” thick top reinforced with rebar Currently at Harlow Gardens, Tucson, AZ  I will be at the Moonlight Art Market at Harlow Gardens this Saturday, April 22 from 6:00 to 8:30. This invitational event will have several other artists, live music and refreshments Come join the fun. Click any photo to enlarge. QUAIL TREE OF LIFE MOSAIC Handmade tile placed in…


I am always seeking balance between a part time job, full time artist, running a business and all my other life that happens in between.  I am often talking with God and seeking his wisdom.  This year my desire is to live an intentional life. What is an intentional life? I got the idea from listening to Family Life Radio, Dr. Randy Carlson,   I have decided to take the challenge by working through the stubborn procrastination that lingers like a shadow, always following me like a bad habit.   I choose to be intentional about facing not-so-fun tasks…