Terra Cotta Luminaria


Celebrating 32 years with Robin’s Luminaria/ Votive Candle cover Design 

from 1989-2021

Luminaria/Votive Holders Group shot.
Luminaria/Votive Holders Group shot.

Originally designed in 1989, these luminaria began Robin’s business as a wholesale designer and artist.  Robin is celebrating her 29th year anniversary in business by offering these lovely timeless pottery pieces that add charm to any home or garden.

All luminarias and candle cups are handmade from terra cotta earthen ware.  Kiln fired, they come painted or unpainted.  They are built from slab clay and pinch pot method  Then the headdress/ ears/ collars/ mask/ capes are fastened on.  After all that, a design is drawn on the cylinder part and cut out.  They are then burnished to a beautiful glow and fired to 2000 degrees.    Each one is a  whimsical character that reflects life in the desert and southwest culture.  They are totally functional and meant for a candle or a battery operated  candle.  They are indoor or out door decor,  and can be electrified.  Each piece is signed by Robin.  Come back often because she has more designs being introduced later this month.


Caped Coyote  Luminary with 3 spirits candle cover, luminary, lantern. 20″ x 7″

In Stock  $300.00.  Contact me for purchase.


Deer with Antlers Luminary,

The deer’s antlers are transformed into branches for crows and flying things.  The antlers are made of  Terracotta clay and fastened on a wood dowel.  The antlers can come off when transporting or shipping.

23.5″ tall (with antlers on) x 10″ wide x 7″ deep.  Base is a 4″ circum.

Available.  $350.00  Contact me for purchase and shipping details.


Small Mudhead with Baby Luminary. This is a classic kachina mudhead design. I just made it a little more whimsical as a storyteller! 13″ tall by 4″ round. In stock!  $ 195.00, Contact me for purchase.


 Jack Rabbit Luminary, with long ears and all.  16″ x 4″ The painted image is of the southwest desert and a jack rabbit looking over his shoulder.    1 In stock.  $240.00

Contact me for price and ship details.



Small Coyote Coyotes always seem to be lurking about in the desert looking for a small meal. A common site to see. This guy has a window cut out with a desert landscape.   $195.00

In Stock, contact me for price and ship. details.


Bob Cat Luminary, Wild cat desert dweller.  This one has a window cut out with a desert landscape of mountains and saguaro cactus.  Measures 13″ x 5″  $200.00

In stock, contact me for price and ship details.

Small Raven Luminary, The raven is known for using his brain, collecting strange things and giving warnings with a distinct call.  This one has a window cut out with a colorful painted desert mountain scene. Measures 15″ x 10″ x 6″    $250.00


 Eagle Feather Luminary

This Kachina proudly wears the eagle feathers on his head along with a collar. He represents freedom. Measures 18″ tall x 5″ wide.  $240.00

Mudhead Warrior

This mudhead luminary has a majestic headdress and represents courage. 17″ x 6″  $250.00


Group:  From Left to Right-  Small Mudhead, Large Raven, Tall Eagle Feather, Tall Caped Coyote, Small Jackaloup.




 Just finished a Deer Antler Luminary


Deer with Antlers Votive Holder

Luminary group lit up for the holidays.

IMG_0031 (1)

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