2021… Here We Come!

Many are glad to see 2020 go. I get that. However, the past year has been a good year for me and my family.

Counting my blessings!

We have a new baby granddaughter, Aislynn, and she has been such a light for us all, as well as her brother, August who is under 2. He is so smart! My daughter has been able to stay at home with all her kids, (4 at home), and she is very happy about that. Which makes me happy.

BTW, This is just 1/2 my grandchildren. There are 4 more, three of which are in New York.

My mom turned 88 in September and she is strong and of sound mind but she has had to be alone way more than she should be. Thankfully she has lots of family members close by.

Sadly, we lost my niece, Samantha, who was about to turn 30, causes unknown. But her folks, my brother, Mike and his wife became grandparents for the 1st time. I am so thrilled for them.

I have been able to work and teach all year long. I have an at- home studio so it was easy to adjust for the short time we all were shut in our houses. The classes resumed May 30th, and went full steam ahead because of the demand for them. I discovered that my students wanted something to look forward to and I was able to offer that to them. We did it safely without skimping on the fun.

I was able to get away to Santa Fe, NM, Sedona, AZ and even to Rocky Point, Mexico with family and friends.

Was I happy about the restrictions? No, but overall I was able to press on with the gifts and talents the good Lord has given to me and He gave me favor and increase through it all. Looking back, pushing through last year has encouraged me to press on. But I don’t think I could have gotten though 2020 gracefully without Jesus. “For God does not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love and sound mind.” I had to keep the focus on what is before me. And of coarse, I encourage you all to do the same…. Be Amazing!

Peacock Garden Mosaic Arch, Sold!

Looking Ahead!

I’ve decided to be more amazing this year! In this season I look forward to starting new projects and creating new opportunities for students and my followers. I’m not sure when the art festivals will be coming back so I am aiming for more of an online presence. My team and I are working on a whole new website and will be joining Shopify very soon to make shopping easier for everyone. We are also developing mosaic kits with video for those that cannot attend my amazing mosaic workshops .

Not to worry, I will still be offering in- person workshops and classes because you can connect so much more when in the presence of the teacher, not to mention it’s a fabulous experience. How do I know? My students tell me when they are leaving with a smile on their faces and a beautifully completed mosaic wall piece. I will continue to be a light to those who seek to better themselves…. Be Amazing!

Blessed Angel Mosaic

If you would like to be notified on my upcoming workshops, clay classes, new art work or events please drop me a note and you will be placed on my email list.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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