3-D Sculptural Mosaic Murals


Beloved Shrine Mosaic Wall Art

beloved mosaic 4 (1)

This wall piece is a combined ceramic hand built shrine with 3-d red Roses and Datura in a garden setting.  It can be a memorial piece for a loved one or a garden adornment.  Indoors or out.  Available direct.

Beloved Shrine Mosaic Wall Art

Mosaic and Shrine combined wall art with hand made 3-d tiles set in a wrought iron arched frame. Ready to hang. Price includes shipping, insurance and tax. Ships in 5 days.


Countryside Farm Mosaic

10″ square frame with 3 dimensional aspects.

farm mosaic

Inspired by reflections of growing up in cow country in Upstate New York.

Countryside Farm Mosaic wall art.

3-D Cow in a heart pocket combined with handmade tile in wrought iron frame. Depicts rolling hill, cat and dog tiles. 10" x 10" x 3", Price includes shipping, insurance and tax. Ships in 5 days.


Quail Garden Mosaic

A lovely mosaic will a quail family in a garden filled with flowers, pomegranates, leaves, branches, blue lupine, butterflies, bees, sky, clouds and a hummingbird.

Handmade shadow box with a sunset backdrop, two hand sculpted quail and desert plants surrounded by mosaic tile set into a 12″ square wrought iron frame and grouted in. This piece is an indoor/ outdoor wall art, ready to hang.

The tile will never fade and it can withstand direct sun or rain.  It would look fantastic on your patio wall or even indoors.

quail mosaic 12



Through the Thicket Bird and Citrus Mosaic Wall Decor

A beautifully made image of  3-D hand- sculpted birds and citrus. Oranges, lemons, Gamble Quail, Red Cardinal, Gila Wood Pecker and Common Yellow Throat amongst the branches, leaves, and delicate flowers.

It measures 20″ long by 10″ wide.  Contains tile, grout, backboard, in a wrought frame.  Ready to hang,  Indoor or out.

Through the thicket bird mosaic
Through the Thicket

Inquire to Robin directly for the availability.

Sugar Skull Mosaic Wall Decor

Here is a fun and colorful 10″ square mosaic that reflects the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)  celebrated by the Mexican culture.  It is a religious holiday although many collect art pieces such as this to participate in the festivities.

This piece has 3-D features like the rose and flowers above the happy sugar skull.  It features mixed tile of teal and purple  paisley, saguaro cactus, agave cactus, prickly pear cactus and  flowers galore.

All tile work is designed by Robin, Hand cut, glazed and kiln fired.  This can go indoors or out.


Inquire to Robin directly for the availability.

Desert Buddies

A whimsical “WELCOME”  piece.

Small sculpture donkey and a cardinal shadow box combined with a mosaic in a desert setting.    There so many details in this lovely  wall art.  Let this indoor/ outdoor mosaic greet  your visitors with a cute welcome sign at the casita or guest house that reflects the Sonoran desert.

donkey welcome 2020

Hand made tile of quails, rabbits, hummingbird, cactus, lone coyote and more  surround the shadow box.   The letters of welcome are 3-d raised, encased in a wrought iron frame and grouted in.  Ready to hang.


Symphony of Nature 2

An image of a flowering Agave cactus in a poppy field.   This piece depicts a wonderful atmospheric splendor of pollen, flowers, hummingbirds hover, bees, butterflies, and a 3-D Cactus wren.  Available at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery, Tucson.



Red Bird Symphony Of Nature 3

Available at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Galley, Tucson


Available at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery

Drenched in Pollen, Apache Maiden     SOLD


Inspired by the tradition of the Apache Native Americans ritual for teenage girls coming of age. She and her family collect golden pollen all year long from the wild flower yellow daisies to be used in the ritual. Like a flower blooming, she is ushered into her woman hood,  her place in her tribe.   Can be replicated for custom orders.

Border Collie Welcome Plaque SOLD

A unique and oh so charming Welcome plaque that will be perfect for your front door or entry way.  Full of color and gardeny whimsy.

The 3-D (center tile) border collie sits in his dog house entry way keeping watch over his territory.  He has a few friends with him.  The red  bird, jack rabbit, sleeping grey kitty and quail among all the sunflowers and cactus.

Above the house is a sculpted night light and the flower pots are 3-D as well.

The WELCOME word is raised letters.  Everything you see here is handmade by Robin.

All the tile is kiln fired and glued on a back board inside a wrought iron frame then grouted in with dark brown grout.  A wire is on the back and ready to hang indoors or out.