Tile Garden Bench, Welcome and Install

Years ago I made tile and mosaic benches on a concrete base and wrought iron tables.

It was fun and challenging but I look back at them and think ‘Geez, Robin.. (I could have used more tile). ‘  Back then I liked less tile and more grout because of the cool purple, black cherry and mauve colored grout that was available.  You can actually sculpt with grout.   But  I love the effect grout has on a mosaic design.  Just when you think it looks too busy the grout calms everything  down.

You can never have too much tile when designing a wall piece or a bench.  I always tell my students, make triple what you  think you need.

So I have learned over the years to make it interesting, trust, tweak, pay attention to common details and make ordinary items interesting and sometimes adorable



Jack Rabbit Welcome sign.

3-D ceramic shadow box with sculpted rabbit and cactus, handmade mosaic tile, 12  square in a wrought iron frame.

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Here is a concrete bench with mosaic tile application.

I call this “Agave Garden”

32″ l  x 15″w x 17″ h.  A beautiful mosaic tiled bench for the garden.  Reinforced with rebar with concrete legs.  It comes in 3 pieces.    This bench is available at Jane Hamilton Gallery in Tucson, AZ.  Seats 1 but can be ordered in larger sizes.





Did you know I love designing and making custom pieces to beautify homes and gardens?

If you have a favorite image you would like to see transformed onto a bench or a wall piece I would love the opportunity to make your wishes come true.

Here is a snap shot of  a hand painted tile mural that an Etsy follower purchased on my Etsy site and installed it to her home make over.  I think it turned out amazing.










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