Angels in July

I am offering another Small Sculpture Clay class series.  This time we will tackle the human form of an Angel.

Some people might look at my work and see spiritual components.  It’s true, my work is inspirational….

Heart Art and February Happenings

We are about half way through January 2019.  Happy New Year Ya’ll! I am relieved the holiday season is behind us, although a little sad because I love the Christmas season and the joyousness of it all.  But I  look forward to new projects the Lord has given to me for the new year.  Every now and then I am asked, “where do I get my inspirations and ideas from?”  It’s all from God!  He made me, he knows how I am and he puts ideas in my head.  I just go with it.   Every single person has special gifts…

Birthday Month

The smell of lilacs, fresh cut grass, giant lollipops and laughter in the air are whispers of long ago.  Those are happy memories of my birthday. 

Outdoor Art

The past several weeks I have produced larger work for indoors or outdoors.  This bench is titled: AGAVE BENCH WITH FLOWER STALKS Handmade tile on a concrete bench 38″ long by 14″ wide by 15″ high with a 3 ” thick top reinforced with rebar Currently at Harlow Gardens, Tucson, AZ  I will be at the Moonlight Art Market at Harlow Gardens this Saturday, April 22 from 6:00 to 8:30. This invitational event will have several other artists, live music and refreshments Come join the fun. Click any photo to enlarge. QUAIL TREE OF LIFE MOSAIC Handmade tile placed in…

Lead by the Spirit

Many things inspire me, all day long. Here are a few Shadow Box  sculptures that were inspired by gardening, bird watching and nature with a bit of  whimsy. Hummer with Wild Flower Ceramic Shadow Box                          

Pomegranate Ornaments At My Open Studio April 13 & 14.

  Pomegranate Ornaments! Each one has a something special in them. Pomegranates are a symbol of hope,  prosperity,  and eternal life. I am enamored with making this lovely fruit.  I think they are one of the most beautiful fruits God has ever created.  Not only are they unique in there design and shape but one pomegranate gives birth to hundreds of jewel-like fruity seeds that sparkle like garnets. And the taste…fogetaboutit!  Sweet and delicious. I had a pomegranate tree in the past that always produced.  But the  birds always got to the fruit before I could.  So I would end…