The Color of Grout

Grouting is my least favorite task when making a mosaic piece. It’s labor intensive, it’s messy and there is a lot of clean up afterwards. I especially hate not being able to take a break and come back to it when I feel like it. Grout has a life of it’s own….

The Season of Bloom

April is such a welcoming month. The smells of earth, orange blossoms and flowering Palo Verde trees is bursting the senses here in the Sonoran Desert. It inspires us all to open the door, look out the window, dust off the patio, buy some new plants and outdoor decor. Time to invite some friends over for a glorious evening for backyard fun. Ahhh, it’s so lovely. I am dusting off the old man winter, inspired by Holy week, Passover and Resurrection day. Seeing friends I haven’t seen at church in a over a year…. was so warm and hopeful for…

March is Make Something Beautiful Month.

There is nothing like spring weather to inspire you to get out in nature, put out the patio furniture, plant a garden and make something beautiful….

Drawing From The Desert

I never tire of the desert life.  Sometimes I think about living in some other part of the country but I always follow it up with …”but I will miss the desert”. How blessed I am to be living in a place that has amazing weather,  the best sunsets, exotic cactus, dramatic monsoons, easy winters, wide open blue, orange or pink skies, purple majestic mountains, wild lightning shows, starry starry nights that go on forever. Among all that are desert critters that have adapted to the scorching summers; groups of javalina seem to startle the family dog, the coyote party…

Angels in July

I am offering another Small Sculpture Clay class series.  This time we will tackle the human form of an Angel.

Some people might look at my work and see spiritual components.  It’s true, my work is inspirational….

The push, the pull….

When you plan for a getaway,  do you begin to tell yourself, ” I’m running out of time… I can’t go,… my house, my pets, my plants…. need me everyday”? Yes?  No?   I do. I always feel a push to get business tasks out of the way and a (constant) pull of tasks that seemingly need to be repeated.    So, before I take a much needed time off, I get very stressed trying to cover all my bases.  Somehow it all seems to work out.  But getting to the finish line can be exasperating. My nine year old granddaughter,…

Small Sculpture Tile Class

New Class Schedule for April and May. I am offering  2 – 4 week series in Small Sculpture Tiles and Shadow Boxes. Focus will be on technique, color and design. Students will learn to work with raw clay and learn how to use glazes. The tiles you make can be used as an ornament or a special piece in a mosaic. Classes will be held at Blue Raven Art School, 701 E Prince Rd. Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30 First series will be April 10 thru May 1 Second series will be May 8 thru May 29 Cost for each series is…

A New Thing

“He is doing a new thing”  (in me) That is my inspiration for this season.  Isaiah 43:19. The other day a friend mentioned on Facebook that she was selling her house and had to put away all her art supplies for a while.  I shutter at the thought.  But it got me thinking about how we get used to having many things at our fingertips but then there is a shift and we have limited resources. We can get frustrated, stomp our feet, curse the air, and ask ‘why me, ‘why now?’.   But eventually the disrupt  forces us to think…

2 Art Events this Week!

You are invited to either or both art events happening this week. Event #1:  Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery  Thursday’s Art Walk, Sept. 14, 4–7 p.m. I will have new work! Event #2: SAAG Gallery Friday evening, September 15, from 5-8 p.m. I will be featured along side Susan Allen and Becky Zimmerman, two very talented artists. You can be sure I will have a variety of gift items to choose from. Don’t forget to visit Tohono Chul’s Dia de los Muertos exhibit currently up until November 5th!