The Season of Bloom

April is such a welcoming month. The smells of earth, orange blossoms and flowering Palo Verde trees is bursting the senses here in the Sonoran Desert. It inspires us all to open the door, look out the window, dust off the patio, buy some new plants and outdoor decor. Time to invite some friends over for a glorious evening for backyard fun. Ahhh, it’s so lovely. I am dusting off the old man winter, inspired by Holy week, Passover and Resurrection day. Seeing friends I haven’t seen at church in a over a year…. was so warm and hopeful for…

March is Make Something Beautiful Month.

There is nothing like spring weather to inspire you to get out in nature, put out the patio furniture, plant a garden and make something beautiful….

Mosaic garden arch

2021… Here We Come!

I’ve decided to be more amazing this year! In this season I look forward to starting new projects, creating new opportunities for students and my followers. I’m not sure when the art festivals will be coming back so I am aiming for more of an online presence….

The Tale of Three Benches

During this down time I have been able to get a lot done, as we all have.  But all this free time to ourselves is beginning to grow old and monotonous. I don’t want to go down the corona/ economy/ get back to work road.  I just want to let you all know I am eager to share all the new work I have been creating.  This stay – at – home season has allowed me to create some more elaborate work and that is always exciting to me. So the “Tale of Three Benches” is about these amazing mosaic…