Birthday Month

The smell of lilacs, fresh cut grass, giant lollipops and laughter in the air are whispers of long ago.  Those are happy memories of my birthday. 

New Attitude!

This year has started off very different from the last 4 years. We are now 3 months into the year.  This is about the time we first measure how the year is going so far.   I’m not sure you will believe me or that I will bore you with my faith beliefs but here goes. Goal #1. To be bold in my faith! In the spring of 2017 I had such a difficult season working in my own strength. (My own strength? you ask,)  ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”  Philippians, 4:13. Yes, in my…

Tile Garden Bench, Welcome and Install

Tiled garden bench awaits you.

Arroyo Garden Murals

Last week was the completion of the tiled murals I was hired to make and install.  This is my first commercial job and it actually went pretty smoothly.  No different than installing for homes.  Well… maybe a little different.  It’s  a mans world in a construction zone.  Being one of the 3 women…everyone was very respectful and helpful. As promised, I told you I would post pics of the project.  I didn’t have a Go-Pro.  I wish I could’ve had one but maybe the next project, which is coming up this summer. I decided to have professional pictures done of…

Murals, Paintings on Tile

Lately I have had requests to teach tile painting.  It’s been 5 years since I have done that technique.  Mural painting is a commitment.  It takes a bit of knowledge of how certain techniques work on a tile canvas.  There are many ways to paint a mural. Glaze and wax resist is one way. This is where you use a low fire glaze and outline a design with wax so the glazes do not touch or mix when firing.  This style you would see on tile trivets at souvenir shops or at Carly Quinn’s Shop in downtown Tucson. Majolica is…