Peace (be still)

Strange are these days.  I have been self quarantining but that is normal for me because I am an introvert by nature.  No big deal.  But I actually feel bad for those whose lives are abruptly edited.  I do not like that at all because it’s not fair.  But fair or not,  it’s not forever.  It’s difficult to stay put when someone tells you to stay put.  I want to do the opposite,  (It’s the rebel in me).

Now it feels weird when I go out,  like I’m going to be questioned at the grocery store or the post office.  Seems like we are living in an espionage movie.  Nobody goes out,  streets are empty, but the Amazon delivery vans…..there everywhere.   But all movies have an ending.  Usually a good ending.  That’s where hope comes in handy.  There will be an ending to this madness.  Folks will get back to work, the economy will come back and life will go on.  I can’t help but be excited about how God is going to work this all out.


dove tile
Dove  Peace Tile

He Will Do A New Thing

The Covid-19 has frightened many and I wish that wasn’t so.  But I have a strong faith in Jesus, my Lord and Savior.  And I thank him everyday for what he has done, what he’s doing and what he’s going to do. I truly  walk by faith and not by site.  My hope is that I will encourage those who feel alone, frightened, panicked.   Read Psalm 91 in the Bible.

One way I have gone about that is to keep doing what I am doing. Creating!  It’s odd to think but many opportunities (jobs and businesses) will be born from this epidemic and yes. some will be lost.  But until I get a message to change coarse, I am going to keep gardening, making art, facetiming with the family, cooking yummy food, sleeping more and talking to God.

I was one of many who lost a house to foreclosure in 2008. I was a baby Christian then. I hadn’t learned to trust the Lord yet.  But over the years I look back and all those things I imagined would happen never did come true.   Jesus has never let me down.  Loosing my house was not the worst thing in the world.  It made me think about the choices I made.  It made me wiser with money.  It made me live within my means.  It made me appreciate what I did have…my family, my friends, my health, a home to live in, etc…..

So my point is, we will get through this, although our immediate future looks scary, YOU, WE, US will get through it.    All I or anyone can do is pray and believe God is in control.  Remember to laugh, (watch funny movies or make a funny video with the family),  breathe, spray and pray, (Do not fear for I am with you….Isaiah 41:10)   start a garden, do an art project, take your vitamins, eat daily salads,  get some fresh air and plenty of sleep.

On to some fun stuff…..I just finished gluing my fabulous mosaic tile on to this bench.  It’s a work in progress, almost ready to be grouted in.  As you can see some of the mastic glue squeezing out from the tile. I don’t worry about it showing because the grout will cover it. It’s always exciting to put one of these together.  And I can’t wait to show you the finished product.  Enjoy.


Newly Added Mosaic Workshop

I just added a Mosaic Workshop for June 13th.

Go here for details and to sign up.

Feb. Group photo of mosaic wksp

Here is a few sampling of what I have posted in my shop…check it out.   Click Home then click Shop in menu.


Tell me what projects you are taking on during the quarantine?  What is helping you to endure?  Please share.


  1. Syd Teague

    Hi Robin. I love your new bench. The video of it was great. Hope you are doing well. We are good.


    1. Thank you Syd. I am well. Getting lots of rest. haha. But actually it’s good for me to take it easy. I am trying out a new look on my website but I have no idea what I’m doing. Grrr. I am also trying to put together an intensive weekend workshop sometime over the summer if you are interested. Miss you


  2. Rebecca Plotner

    Thanks for sharing some of your story! I love that you are reaching out with words of encouragement!

    Rebecca Plotner (520) 429-3928

    On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 4:33 PM Robin Chlad Designs wrote:

    > robinchladdesigns posted: “Strange are these days. I have been self > quarantining but that is normal for me because I am an introvert by > nature. No big deal. But I actually feel bad for those whose lives are > abruptly edited. I do not like that at all because it’s not fair. But ” >


    1. Thank you Rebecca. Your support is encouraging as well.


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