Today was an amazing day, weather wise.  We wont talk about the “plandemic” news.

But it was a moist day with sporadic soft rain here and there.  The smell of the desert was nurturing.  The cloud covering set a mood.  My plants loved it. And I could have stayed in my garden all day but alas….

This week I am getting ready for the Tucson Museum of Art Spring Artisan Market.  Starts the Friday the 13th, ends Sunday the 15th.  10-5 each day.

It’s on the street folks.  Open air festival.  No need to worry.   I have hand sanitizer.

For the most part it is going to be great weather for an art show.

Here are a few pieces I completed for the show.  I am not going to list them in my shop at this point because I will have them for sale at the show. BUT, if you are interested in one of them, let me know.  I do made to order as well.

Quails in the Garden

12″ sq. wall Mosaic, ready to hang.

quails in the garden mosaic
Quails in the Garden

Desert Buddies

12″ x 14″ Welcome Mosaic wall plaque, ready to hang.


Desert Buddies 4


Farmy Mosaic

10″ sq. frame, ready to hang.

farm mosaic 2

Let me know what you think.  Have a fun and healthy weekend.  Get outside!

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