Birthday Month

Bird and Butterfly Garden Bench with Teal legs
Bird and Butterfly Garden Bench with Teal legs

I was born on May 30th, the same day as traditional Memorial Day.

When I was a little girl,  I always looked forward to the parade that took place on my birthday.   My Gramma and Grampa, aunts, uncles and cousins would celebrate with me. The smell of lilacs and fresh cut grass, a giant lollipop and laughter in the air are whispers of long ago.  Those are happy memories of my birthday.   As I grew into an adult it was fun to celebrate it for a week or two, max.  Now a days there is a thing called “birthday month”, where young and old alike celebrate all month long.

Here is to loooonnnnng celebrations.
I am doing my part to celebrate my birthday “month”.   I am offering a “Birthday” sale this week in my Etsy shop.
Save 15%  on selected items.  Coupon code is THEBIG60

pom sugar bowl


I am in the process of changing things up on my website.  It is a slow process because web stuff is not where I shine.  I have sent some new pages out over social media, my Art Work page and Installations.   I just ask that you please bare with me, I may end up posting something by mistake.

The Shop page is going to be the longest process.  But soon you will be able to shop directly in here without going to another site to purchase.  Although I will still have a presence on Etsy for the Etsy buyer convenience,  my work will be easier to find on line…right here…this is home!





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