Pomegranate Ornaments At My Open Studio April 13 & 14.

Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament
Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament


Pomegranate Ornaments!
Each one has a something special in them.
Pomegranates are a symbol of hope,  prosperity,  and eternal life.

I am enamored with making this lovely fruit.  I think they are one of the most beautiful fruits God has ever created.  Not only are they unique in there design and shape but one pomegranate gives birth to hundreds of jewel-like fruity seeds that sparkle like garnets. And the taste…fogetaboutit!  Sweet and delicious.

I had a pomegranate tree in the past that always produced.  But the  birds always got to the fruit before I could.  So I would end up with a bunch of empty pom shells on the ground.  That inspired me to some day make them into  beautiful ornaments.  But I went one step further and sculpted them from clay.  They are actually a simple pinch pot made into a little hide away for what ever fancy’s me, a bird,  an owl, or a butterfly.  Then I hang them with wire and czech glass beads.  Or I make miniature ones that have a few tiny fruited seeds.   I really enjoy making them.  They make great gifts for Mothers Day,  or an overhead light/fan pull.

Pomegranate Ornament with Brown Bird
Pomegranate Ornament with Brown Bird












These will be featured in my open studio show this weekend as I will participate in the city wide Tucson’s Artist Open Studio Tour.  You are invited.  April 13 & 14,  Saturday and Sunday from 11- 5.  I will have new designs and older designs discounted.  I hope you can make it and feel free to bring a friend.  Your presence will be an honor!

Go to http://www.tucsonopenstudios.com  for maps and a listing of other artists.

Yellow Finch on a branch with Pomegranates, Ceramic Shadow Box
Yellow Finch on a branch with Pomegranates, Ceramic Shadow Box

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