New Attitude!

This year has started off very different from the last 4 years. We are now 3 months into the year.  This is about the time we first measure how the year is going so far.   I’m not sure you will believe me or that I will bore you with my faith beliefs but here goes.Continue reading “New Attitude!”

Arroyo Garden Murals

Last week was the completion of the tiled murals I was hired to make and install.  This is my first commercial job and it actually went pretty smoothly.  No different than installing for homes.  Well… maybe a little different.  It’s  a mans world in a construction zone.  Being one of the 3 women…everyone was veryContinue reading “Arroyo Garden Murals”

Pomegranate Ornaments At My Open Studio April 13 & 14.

  Pomegranate Ornaments! Each one has a something special in them. Pomegranates are a symbol of hope,  prosperity,  and eternal life. I am enamored with making this lovely fruit.  I think they are one of the most beautiful fruits God has ever created.  Not only are they unique in there design and shape but oneContinue reading “Pomegranate Ornaments At My Open Studio April 13 & 14.”