Chapel at Degrazia’s

This small painting was painted on location. I loved spending time there, studying this humble building with so much to say. Many a joyful and sorrowful events took place within these walls.  As it waited for the fire damage of 2017 to be repaired all us visitors could do is look from afar.  Thankfully they were able to repair it.

Acrylic on wrapped canvas. 8” square

Chapel at Degrazia’s acrylic painting

Chapel at Degrazia’s acrylic painting, 8” x 1.5” square on wrapped canvas. Purchase includes shipping and insurance and tax. By purchase this painting it is assumed you have read, understood and agree with the return policy.




Degrazias Angel

Degrazia’s Angel, acrylic painting

9" x 12" x 2" Acrylic on canvas painting of angel in doorway, without frame. Price includes tax and shipping and insurance. In stock, ships in 3-5 days



Agave Monsoon, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 40, Robin Chlad
Monsoon Agave Fields

Agave Monsoon, Wrapped Canvas painting

Agave Monsoon, Acrylic, Wrapped canvas painting `40" x 16" x 2" Horizontal Painted landscape of purple mountains, orange sunset and teal agave fields. The image depicts the colors of a calm cool desert sea of green across the planes created by monsoons. Price includes packaging and shipping





Prickly Pear Sunrise


Prickly Pear Sunrise Acrylic Painting

Prickly Pear Sunrise Acrylic painting, Gallery wrapped canvas 30" x 15" x 2" Image of a teal green prickly pear fruited cactus overlooking orange buttes and a mesquite tree overhanging. The sunrise fills the atmospheric particles with intense yellow. Price includes shipping and packing and insurance




Reassurance, Quail in Cactus, Acrylic on Canvas, 10 x 10 inch, Robin Chlad
Quail and Baby


Quail and Baby Acrylic painting

Quail and Baby Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas, Quails among prickly pear cactus and grass. Makes a great gift for Mother’s day. Measures 9″ Square. Cost includes shipping, packing and insurance.