Taking The Edge Off.

Front side of 2020!
Many of us are just trying to cope with what is being thrown at us day by day.
There seems to be shocking news everyday.  3 weeks ago it was like “Ground Hog Day” everyday. Then to the “Truman Show” and currently we are in “Twilight Zone”!
We are in the thick of it and trying to get to the other side. The other side of the Corona, the other side of civil unrest, many stressors being thrown at us. It’s wise to turn the news off and focus on what brings joy. Of coarse be informed but don’t focus on worldly events. It’s depressing.
I use to have great stress in my life. It was non stop. But I didn’t know it at the time. I just thought that was the way life was. I exhausted my adrenals and my body. I ended up with RA. In the last 30 years went through 2 divorces, raised my daughters and ran a business, (still running a business), filed bankruptcy, and lost a house to foreclosure.  And my neighbors clapped when I had to move out!  I felt like I had no future and it was the darkest time in my life.  It was nobody’s fault except mine.  I made foolish decisions.  But looking back I learned a hard lesson. I’m grateful I went through it because I grew from all those challenges.  I got to the other side of things.
This morning I was reflecting on all that I have endured. And through it all I leaned on my creativity and Jesus to get me through. Even the most stressful times were and are my most creative times. I use art to de stress, to take my mind to places no one else can go. I’m not saying I’m making my best art ever, but I am trying new things and genuinely enjoying this last 2 months of down time. Through the years I have had many people say to me “you make happy art”. But they don’t know what stressors I went through while creating it. I just make what makes me smile and in turn, it makes others smile.

My advise to you is to dive into something creative, whether it be a class, virtual or in person. Do that thing you have always put off. Surrender to the thing you have longed to do.  Painting, music, write that book….  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how, just begin and trust in the process.
My faith in Jesus.

If I didn’t have Him, I think I would be a basket case by now.
Between Jesus and Art, it’s a balance. Not perfect but a balance. And I am content. I lean on Jesus when I need impossible things to happen and little things… like a shady parking spot.  He is the creator of the universe, I think he can do the little things for me too.  Can you relate?    I lean on my art because…God just made me that way. So I look at it as doing God’s work.
I am so thankful I trusted and let my light shine through art all these years.  I am thankful to those of you who believed in me and supported me.

Mosaic Fun
I taught a mosaic class the other day and the students were so excited to be immersed in art!  Everyone was very chatty and ooh-ing and ahh-ing and completely forgetting about the stressors of life.  It was amazing to watch them all make a beautiful thing to take home and hang on their wall. It was rewarding  to witness the joy and excitement especially after we all had to disconnect from each other and stay at home for what seemed like forever.

Mosaic wksp group pic may 30

Sign up for Mosaic Workshop Here!

Here is a few paintings I played with during Corona!


Foothiills Sunset
Foothills Sunset 12 x 14 acrylic on canvas


Tulips cropped
La Purple Tulips, 14″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas


Sculptures in progress

This large shadow box sculpture was almost perfect until the frame cracked in the  bisc firing.  There is no way to save it….into the trash it will go.

Wildcat shadow box
Wildcat Shadow Box 15′ x 12″

Virginia the Roadrunner!

roadrunner sculpture 3
Roadrunner Sculpture 14″x 14″x 6″


I used a pinch method to build the torso, neck and head.  The tail was built separately and added on.  I’m crossing my fingers on this one.


Speaking of Sculpting

I still have room in my   Small Sculpture Class

hummingbird and aloe
Hummingbird with Flowering Aloe Vera Shadow box  5.5″ square

And just a reminder you can find my work for sale:

Robin Chlad Designs

My Etsy Shop

Wildemyer Gallery

Karen Newby Gallery

Desert Artisans Gallery

Custom Orders are always welcome.  I hope all is well in your world.  God Bless.




  1. Rebecca plotner

    thank you for sharing this personal message. It’s nice to learn more about the you behind your beautiful art


    1. Thank you Rebecca.


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