Small Sculpture Tile Class

New Class Schedule for April and May. I am offering  2 – 4 week series in Small Sculpture Tiles and Shadow Boxes. Focus will be on technique, color and design. Students will learn to work with raw clay and learn how to use glazes. The tiles you make can be used as an ornament or aContinue reading “Small Sculpture Tile Class”

Red October

October being just a few days away, I would like to remind folks that October 6, next Saturday is my last mosaic workshop for the season.  It’s been such fun helping my students design, glue and grout! Boom! They were done and leaving with a really beautiful tile mosaic wall piece they could hang inContinue reading “Red October”

A New Thing

“He is doing a new thing”  (in me) That is my inspiration for this season.  Isaiah 43:19. The other day a friend mentioned on Facebook that she was selling her house and had to put away all her art supplies for a while.  I shutter at the thought.  But it got me thinking about howContinue reading “A New Thing”

Something to do, see and touch.

  We are almost half way through August and that means I need to get serious about building inventory for the upcoming fall shows. I will be offering one more month of classes for September, then change gears and will focus on fall and holiday sales. My September Classes will begin Tuesday,Sept. 2  for 4Continue reading “Something to do, see and touch.”

Sincerest Form of Flattery

          There have been times in my career that I have been very protective of my designs.  I have had experience designing very marketable products that made my small art business grow and the work I designed was sought after. At the time, it was exciting, exilerating and a feather inContinue reading “Sincerest Form of Flattery”

New Classes, New Work and The Newness of a New Year.

Happy New Year!   I am so glad 2013 is O.V.E.R. The New Year brings a new chance to start over.  To dress yourself in a new attitude, with new ideas, new hopes, new dreams, new love, new promises, a new skip in your step.  2014 here I come.  I am looking forward to newContinue reading “New Classes, New Work and The Newness of a New Year.”


Tuesday’s mosaic class has come and gone way too fast. I am teaching a new  6 week session of clay tile mosaics to 4 inspiring and fun loving women.  The class goes by so quickly that I am almost sad to see it end.  And ya know what?  They inspire me. After they all left tonight,Continue reading “Rewarding”

Classes, Clay Parties and Art shows.

Did you know I will be teaching a mosaic tile class at the Tucson Clay Co-op beginning January 10 from 6-8 p.m. for 8 weeks?  I think the class is filled already but if anyone is interested you may be put on a waiting list.  You can go to  for more information.   AndContinue reading “Classes, Clay Parties and Art shows.”