The Season of Bloom

April is such a welcoming month. The smells of earth, orange blossoms and flowering Palo Verde trees is bursting the senses here in the Sonoran Desert. It inspires us all to open the door, look out the window, dust off the patio, buy some new plants and outdoor decor. Time to invite some friends over for a glorious evening for backyard fun. Ahhh, it’s so lovely.

I am dusting off the old man winter, inspired by Holy week, Passover and Resurrection day. Seeing friends I haven’t seen at church in a over a year…. was so warm and hopeful for a greater season of close fellowship.

A new season of planting seeds, growth, and beauty.

I do do a bit of gardening in the spring but metaphorically speaking, planting seeds for me is; encouraging my grandchildren and inspiring them to try new things. Watching them grow, guiding and teaching them and seeing the beautiful wonderment in how they express themselves. I see my granddaughter, Lola, whose a preteenager, embracing her feminine side. She had two dresses that she got last year but had no place to wear them. Because of Covid, ya know. My heart broke for her. But alas, we were able to go to church and she was beautifully dressed for Easter. I am so proud of her and happy she could accompany me. I pray for all my grandchildren. It is a blessing and a duty.

I always see Jesus working 3 months a head of us. He knows what we need before we even ask. I just love that about him. “He is my rock and my salvation” , “He is for you and not against you”. I hope you have a wonderful spring season full of light and love.

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to the Spring Artisan Market next weekend, April 16-18, 10-5. I am so excited to see everyone out and about and to show off my new vases, butter dishes, poppy plates and more. The colors of the glazes seem more vibrant and fun this year. So you must come, if you can, to see all the art at this much anticipated show, downtown at the Tucson Museum of Art.

Sneek Preview:

Next Scheduled Class for Mosaic Workshop

June 5th is ready to be filled. Grab some friends and create a beautiful art piece for you home. Click the link below for more details and to sign up.

Mosaic Workshops


Spring has been a busy season for my outdoor work. The ” Cactus Motel” sold on Easter, Sunday. I will have to start on another one soon. I will definitely miss this one. (any that you see here that has been sold can be custom made, really, I don’t mind!)

Cactus Motel, 34″ x 24″
BeLoved Mosaic Shrine.
Flower Bouquet Mosaic 10″ Sq.

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