New Work in the Old Pueblo

So it’s February.  January flew by.  I feel I was only present for half of January because what ever was going around… name it, I caught it!  I am glad to see January ’16 leave. And good riddance.

Meanwhile, I have been busy with new designs for an up coming tile mosaic job I have been hired to create.  It’s always exciting to have a new challenge, a reprieve from the daily bread and butter.

I will give you a sneak preview…..based on the mural I designed and created for a Rocky Point, Mexico sea side residence over the summer/ 2015.  I apologize for the lousy photos.  The whole image was difficult to capture the perspective in the area it was installed.   A stair well.



FullSizeRender (26)
Cactus Garden mural 6 ft. x 2 ft. total 
FullSizeRender (27)
Cactus Garden tile mural


FullSizeRender (28)
Rocky Point Desert Landscape tile mural


The Saguaro flowers, Aloe plant and birds are low relief.  The mural is contour grouted.

FullSizeRender (29)
Cactus Garden tile mural

This is phase 1 of the project.  There are  more tiles to be placed above: sky/ soaring birds/ clouds/ sun and rays.

Once phase 2 is installed I will post more pics.

Installation for the new mural will be in April, if all goes well.




  1. The mural is beautiful Robin! It already looks gorgeous, adding sky and birds…. wow I can’t wait to see it when you are finished.

    We’re glad January is over too. It was a tough one. I hope and pray that the rest of 2016 is healthier and happier for all of us. Stay warm and healthy and happy.

    Big hug,


    1. Thanks Cindy. I hope you are being inspired and having fun with your beautiful doggy.


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