Arroyo Garden Murals

Last week was the completion of the tiled murals I was hired to make and install.  This is my first commercial job and it actually went pretty smoothly.  No different than installing for homes.  Well… maybe a little different.  It’s  a mans world in a construction zone.  Being one of the 3 women…everyone was very respectful and helpful.

As promised, I told you I would post pics of the project.  I didn’t have a Go-Pro.  I wish I could’ve had one but maybe the next project, which is coming up this summer.

I decided to have professional pictures done of this project in a few weeks. But here are some snap shots from my Iphone.  As you can see it is similar to the design of the mural I installed in Rocky Point, Mexico.  But A G  murals are totally flat whereas the Mexico mural has 3 dimensional birds, flowers and rabbits.  

Compare Here

You may see these murals and other art work at Arroyo Gardens Assisted Living in Green Valley, AZ.  They are having a Grand Opening May 12  11-2.    I am impressed with the place.  They really went overboard with local art and pottery galore.

I  also want to thank Sharon Hass, Interior Designer, who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this project.  She did  a fantastic job filling the facility with art, light, joy and life!

Arroyo Gardens Tiled Mosaic Mural 1 & 2. Located in Green Valley at Arroyo Gardens Assisted Living
FullSizeRender (43)
Arroyo Gardens Mural 7′ long by 24″ tall
Arroyo Gardens Tiled Mosaic Mural Cactus, quails, gecko, butterfly and hummers, lush succulents and wildflowers.
Arroyo Gardens Tiled Mosaic Mural Jack Rabbits, Santa Rita Purple Prickly Pear cactus, Agave, dragonfly, blooming cactus


So my next project is my daughter’s home.  I am going to document that from beginning to end with sketches and the whole process.  I may even be brave enough to video me….eeeek.

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  1. WOW Robin! It’s absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your continued success. Your art is so awesome. It always makes me smile.

    I just saw Christy Olsen at a Pastel Society meeting. Boy is she swamped but she is doing good and said to say hi if I talked to you. So “Hi” from Christy.

    I hope we can get together when Nancy is here the end of May.



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