My New Mexico Trip

My trip  to Corrales, New Mexico is fast approaching. I have been hired to install a tile mural in a residence.  The tile is pretty much completed…fired and laid out.

Even though it’s a fairly small size mural, only 48″ x 24″ tall, the challenge is getting it to fit in an intermittent concave niche, sight unseen.  That means allowing for slight design changes.  I am positive it will all work out beautifully.

This is the basic tile layout with an aloe garden and hummers, flowering fence post cactus and blooming yuccas and blackbirds.  This is all handmade tile, glazed and kiln high fired.






It is going to take me about 8 hours to drive up to Corrales.  So I decided to break up the drive by participating in a  pottery craft show along the way. The Clay Festival in Silver Springs, New Mexico.

I have heard about this show… I’m pulling out my tie dye and Birkenstocks! And splash on some essential oils for a stress free day!

There will be gallery shows and workshops  along with the Craft show.  Strictly clay of coarse.


Welcome Mosaic with 3-d door tile

Featured Piece:                  Welcome Mosaic wall hanging


Arroyo Garden Mural

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