Small Sculpture Tile Class

New Class Schedule for April and May.
I am offering  2 – 4 week series in Small Sculpture Tiles and Shadow Boxes.
Focus will be on technique, color and design.
Students will learn to work with raw clay and learn how to use glazes.

The tiles you make can be used as an ornament or a special piece in a mosaic.

Classes will be held at Blue Raven Art School, 701 E Prince Rd.
Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30
First series will be April 10 thru May 1
Second series will be May 8 thru May 29
Cost for each series is $125.00
Includes instruction, tools and firing

A list of what materials to purchase from Marjon’s Ceramic store will be provided when you sign up.

A sample of the kind of work student will be working on.




Small Sculpture Tile Class, 4 week series, Clay class for June/July

Clay class in hand building 3-d sculpture and glaze technique Includes instruction and tools clay and glazes not included.




Pomegranate with Little Bird Tile




Sign up by Friday, for the Mosaic Workshop held March 23.  Go here to sign up.  Below is a short video of what you can expect in the workshop.





  1. Cynthia Straw

    Hi Robin. I am interested in your small sculpture and tile workshop in April. What will we need to purchase for the class?
    How do I sign up?


    1. Cynthia, I hope you are still interested in this class. It starts on April 10, next Wednesday. You will need to bring clay, a 1/2 of 25 lb. bag of Bmix,, and if you have your own clay tools bring them, including a rolling pin. If not I will have some to use. You will also need to purchase glazes but we are going to go over the colors in class. And you can purchase them at Marjons by the 3 class. Please let me know if you plan to attend. You can pay me at the class if the system is giving you a hard time. Thanks, Robin


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