The push, the pull….

When you plan for a getaway,  do you begin to tell yourself, ” I’m running out of time… I can’t go,… my house, my pets, my plants…. need me everyday”? Yes?  No?   I do.

I always feel a push to get business tasks out of the way and a (constant) pull of tasks that seemingly need to be repeated.    So, before I take a much needed time off, I get very stressed trying to cover all my bases.  Somehow it all seems to work out.  But getting to the finish line can be exasperating.

My nine year old granddaughter, Lola,  will be joining me.  So I know it will be fun.  She will be meeting family for the first time back in New York State.  It will be all about her and I can’t wait to share her with my family.  I don’t even think she has seen a real river with water flowing.


More about Classes:

This year is still so busy with custom orders, inventory, keeping galleries stocked and classes.  It’s all good.

I really enjoy the classes this year.  I have great, eager- to -learn students and the space  to teach in  beats my tiny home studio any day.  That space is the Blue Raven Art School.  I like that it has plenty of room to spread out but close enough to look over the students shoulder.  My classes are very specific with a specific project and specific glazes that can be accomplished in a 4 week series.  I am not a control freak.  I do allow for a little experimenting with techniques, stamps, cookie cutters and glaze choices with gentle guidance.  But I make sure my self developed technique,  is followed correctly.

I have changed back to evening classes on Wednesdays beginning July 24 thru August 14.  And the next session will be August 21- September 11.   Hours are from 5:30 – 7:30.

Go here to sign up.  Please state in comment which class date you intend to participate.

Custom Order

These panels are a custom order that was completed and recently and hung on the patio columns.   What a statement!



Chlad Robin, A Symphony of Nature, Handmade mosaic and 3-d Tile, in Frame, 9 x 20 inch wall hanging, $600.00




If you are interested in a custom panel for your patio or home, let’s talk.  Contact me at the bottom of the page.


New Bench Design

I just completed a new Aloe and Poppy bench.  It will be up at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery this week.  Come meet me there June 22 for the monthly Sizzling Summer Saturday art walk from 4:30- 7:30.   The bench is made of solid concrete reinforced with rebar.  It comes in 3 pieces for easier moving.  The top is completely covered in my handmade tile glued on tile by tile then grouted in.

You will see California Poppies, aloe succulents, hummingbirds, butterflies, cardinal, bumblebee, quail family and a couple rabbits.  The pedastals are painted acrylic blue.

Holds up in the Arizona weather. 36″ x 15″ x 17 high.  Seats 2.



Hope you are all having a relaxed summer!


Let me know your thoughts, like me and  follow me!  Thanks.

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