Finding Blessings In All This

Wow,  It took the C virus to really appreciate my students.

It took the Corona Virus to really  make me feel the joy of teaching.

I can’t explain it very well but I think it might have something to do with connecting with people who love to create and be a part of something in real time, in real person.

There is a lot to be said about this.

I am naturally an introvert.   And when the whole shut down happened I thought, I got this.  I can to this. It’s what I do!  But it wasn’t that easy.  I found myself missing the comings and the goings, the stopping byes, the get togethers.  Instead, I was met with, ” “I’m not sure”,  “Well, it might be too soon” , ” Who have you been around?” ” Where have you been?” ….., and this was just from friends and family members.    I found it odd, because I don’t have a TV and I don’t follow MSM.   It forced me to be reminded I may be in this world but not of it, (in reference to scripture).  But I digress.

I found that many of my students want and crave to learn something, to get out of the house, to reconnect with others, safely, of coarse.  It made me think folks have a need to be apart of something outside themselves.  Always.  It could be family, sports, or camping, or taking a class or anything.  For some of us we feel more comfortable staying home and attending a zoom class.  I looked into teaching a zoom class but it did not resonate with me at this time.

This virus thing has really made me more grateful but also more creative and closer to Jesus.  Our whole world has been turned upside down.  We can’t figure out what it will be like in a month from now, let alone next week.  Who do I turn to?  WHO do you turn to?  I found myself thinking I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t have our God given freedoms.  God has given us the ability to express ourselves, be it by voice, dance, poetry, mechanical, mime, touch, engineering, writing, painting, numbers, clergy, caregiving,  singing,….it’s a gift.  But if we are stifled, what are we to do? How are we to express ourselves what God has instilled in us? How long can we hold back?   This might be an eye roller, or it may be tugging at your heart.  But to me, it screams at my heart.

My classes have been amazing.  I see so much joy in people’s faces. They express their excitement of doing a fun and creative thing… with others, I might add.   Omgosh, it’s pure joy.  They tell me how much they love it and  I love hearing that.  I love inspiring others and offering an experience they will never forget.  It is so rewarding and makes me want to give more of me, more and more.

Mosaic Workshops

So my days are filled with giving my all (by making lots of beautiful tile) and getting many happy returns.

mosaic group july 25

Just so ya know, I am living my life as best to normal as I can be.  I pray this virus  and fear be over with soon, very soon.  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of Power and Love and of Sound Mind. ”

With that being said, here is a video and images of what I have been up to in the studio.


Meet Jack and Matilda. Sculpture, drying slowly.  I will keep you updated.  But he stands almost 2 ft high.


Jack and Matilda sculpture (2)Jack and Matilda sculpture (1)


I know I showed her in the last blog but here is Virginia the Roadrunner.  She is not as big as Jack but the tail was a challenge.  She made it through the 1st firing.  Next will be the glaze fire.

roadrunner sculpture 3
Virginia the Roadrunner still wet!
roadrunner bisque
Virginia bisqued


Completed mosaic wall pieces, now available.

beloved mosaic 4 (1)
Beloved Mosaic Shrine 19″ x 14″ x 3″
Flower Bouquet Mosaic
Flower Bouquet Mosaic  10″ square 


I encourage you to take a class, whether on line or in person. We were born to create!                                                                             Be blessed!

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