February Fabs

I am loving this time of year….Spring!  And this week we are having the best weather in the country! I have been playing around with functional wares the past several weeks.  Experimenting with styles and glazes. My latest designs are influenced by East Indian textiles and designs.  I love the vibrant colors and stamped designsContinue reading “February Fabs”

Being Busy, Fall Fun and Show Schedule

I have been really focused.  Pushing myself to get inventory built up, marketing, writing a business plan (or I keep thinking about that one, haven’t quite got to it yet), relearning how to follow a budget, while juggling small jobs here and there until the holiday buying season  kicks in.  But I have managed toContinue reading “Being Busy, Fall Fun and Show Schedule”

Secret Door Candelabra

This unique shrine- like ceramic candelabra is a one of a kind piece, hand – built from a high fire clay and kiln fired multiple times. Whimsically inspired from the southwest desert colors and foliage. This extraordinary art piece could be handsomely placed on a dresser or buffet. Adorned with white lilies, orange trumpet flowersContinue reading “Secret Door Candelabra”