The Tale of Three Benches

During this down time I have been able to get a lot done, as we all have.  But all this free time to ourselves is beginning to grow old and monotonous. I don’t want to go down the corona/ economy/ get back to work road.  I just want to let you all know I am eager to share all the new work I have been creating.  This stay – at – home season has allowed me to create some more elaborate work and that is always exciting to me.

So the “Tale of Three Benches” is about these amazing mosaic benches that are currently available. I love them all. Each one has a part of my soul and spirit. It is so exciting to visualize an idea, an image or a fantasy and have it manifest  through mosaic tile.  Not always does it come out exactly the way I visualize but it does come together and make beautiful sense.

The garden benches are going to be show cased at (a gallery I am no longer in, ) Sculpture Art Walk, May 2nd, 10-4….   And these benches need their forever homes.  They need to beautify your patio, entry way or by the pool.  They hold up under the hard sun and the tile will never fade.

I invite you all to come out, get some fresh air (while strengthening your immune system) and view the art work that will be at the Sculpture Art Walk.  Hopefully, the official quarantine will be over in Arizona April 30 and our small businesses at least can get back to doing what we  do best.  Every business is essential to someone.  Whether it supports a family or a service to the community, it’s important.   We need your support and patronage.  And we appreciate you for it too.

quail cactus garden bench
Quail Cactus Garden Bench
quail cactus g bench
Quail Cactus Garden Bench
coyotes in the g bench
Coyotes in the Garden Bench
Coyote Bench
Coyotes in a Garden Bench, Mosaic tile applied to concrete bench.


Aloe and Ca poppy bench
Aloe and California Poppy Bench Front view.


Aloe and Ca Poppy bench
Aloes and California Poppy Bench A garden full of life with a cardinal, hummingbirds, butterfies, bumblebees, quails, and bunnies.

Another sneak preview is my Agave Art Deco Arch Wall piece featured at the Sculpture Art Walk.  As you can see the image colors vary in each picture. This is why you must come to perceive the truest colors in person.

agave art deco arch

wall panels on gallery wall

Symphony of Nature Mosaic Panel

Symphony of Nature 5
Enter a caption

Symphony of nature 5 close up

I hope you can make it.  The Sculpture Art Walk will be observing the social distancing 6 ft rule, masks and gloves will be available.





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