Prepare to be Wowed.

Next weekend is the Chris Bubany Holiday Marketplace held at Harlow Gardens.   NOvember 3 & 4 I am proud to be a part of this show every year because it premieres the best artisans in the Tucson area  and it is held at one of the prettiest nurserys in town.  I mean Harlow Gardens is a gorgeous setting. Continue reading “Prepare to be Wowed.”

Happy 2016 Back on Track

Happy New Year Ya’ll.   I have many exciting goals and plans for 2016. My intentions are mostly to be healthier, peaceful and a bit more “out there”. Healthier:  Eating better. I started eating better last year but got off track during the holidays. I am still making my bone broth, my sauerkraut. and goatContinue reading “Happy 2016 Back on Track”