Happy 2016 Back on Track

Happy New Year Ya’ll.   I have many exciting goals and plans for 2016.

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My intentions are mostly to be healthier, peaceful and a bit more “out there”.

Healthier:  Eating better.

I started eating better last year but got off track during the holidays. I am still making my bone broth, my sauerkraut. and goat milk kefir on a weekly basis.  But cutting out the processed foods and sugar will help immensely.   I follow a functional doctor, Dr. Joshua Axe.  He is awesome because he works with gut issues. And I believe as he does that all disease comes from the gut.  For those of you that would like to know more click here.


Being an artist full time has some great rewards but too much of anything creates imbalance.  My whole world last year was lived in a 5 mile radius, working at my home studio, teaching classes at my home studio, and Facebooking way too much.  Ugh!  I realized I was addicted to the comforts of my home and I am a control freak, (that’s not new news)  A little sad, I know.

Being in nature is always worth the time to get connected to beauty, inspirations and God.  I went for a New Years day hike with my lovely 6 years old grand daughter, Lola.  (She inspires me).  We hopped on rocks, we skipped stones on water and had a picnic in green grass.  I had a sense of calm and peace like it was the first time.  I am definitely doing more of that.


“Out There”

Since being an artist is so isolating I must make an effort to connect with folks and develop good nurturing relationships.  I just signed up with a group of lovely, energetic, encouraging ladies who happen to love Essential Oils.  I am a very excited about EO’s and a little obsessed right now because I got a diffuser  and it makes my place smell like heaven.  I have been using them for almost 3 years, off and on.  There is something to comforting and healing, honestly, that I kept telling my daughter and friends about them and how they help me and others.  My daughter, Shauna suggested I sell them because I am so passionate about them.  I am especially interested in working with my 7 yr. old grandson who has Cerebral Palsy.  So, you will be hearing a little about my adventure with Young Living Essential Oils from time to time.


I also intend to champion a one women show for my art work.   I have been longing  to do this for a few years now but I haven’t had the courage and I haven’t saved enough worthy art pieces to have a good collection of wall art, such as shadow box mosaics, 3-d mosaics, and sculpted single shadow boxes (that tell a story like the one below).   Well, this is the year!  So watch for that too.  I give you permission to hold me accountable on everything I list here.

Three Spirits of the One.

So here is to 2016, may it be a rewarding and successful one for you all as well.  Whatever your goals, never give up.  Even if it takes 2 or 10 years.  Just never give up!

Happy New Year!

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