Prepare to be Wowed.

Next weekend is the Chris Bubany Holiday Marketplace held at Harlow Gardens.   NOvember 3 & 4

I am proud to be a part of this show every year because it premieres the best artisans in the Tucson area  and it is held at one of the prettiest nurserys in town.  I mean Harlow Gardens is a gorgeous setting.  For me, it begins my season for offering new work I have been working on all summer.

So many people come back to this show year after year to grab up beautiful gifts, art and lovely plants as well.

I love seeing fellow artists and their creations as we jokingly admit ‘it was a long hot summer and does anyone remember me?’

Here are a few items that deserve a preview!




Mini  Ceramic Ornaments $14.00 each
Ceramic Sycamore and Maple Leaves Prices from $6-20 each.


Cactus Wren with Party Hats Platter $160.00

And I will have a few canvas paintings to preview of whats to come at my Little Gallery Solo show Nov. 18-30

By the way, if you are interested in any of these items you may prepurchase and pick them up at the show.  Message me below.

To view and purchase more of my work click here 

Or go to my Etsy shop….link on the right side of this page.


Here is another sneak preview:



Published by robinchladdesigns

I have been doodling, coloring, drawing, cutting, sculpting, painting, sewing, writing and everything in between since I could hold a crayon in my hand. My first art projects were filling up a big, fat coloring book of bridal dresses. I boldly ventured into new territory with paint-by-number sets. I graduated to luxurious and decadent velvet (paint-by-number) sets. Eventually, I mastered the art of Spirogragh. Originally from upstate New York I have lived in Tucson, Arizona since 1986. Back then I was a single mom and found myself in the job market. I went to Pima Community College for training. Instead of diving into my academics I kept hanging around the pottery studio. Some people lived there and if I didn’t have two little girls at home I would have ended up living there as well. Joking aside, I fell in love with clay and all its possibilities. Being in a position to care for my kids, in 1989 I created a very marketable, creative, and functional item. It was a simple concept that took me into new heights of the craft world and I became an entrepreneur. Creating and selling became my passion. I had achieved success for many years. I loved being my own boss and living the artist’s dream. Life moved real fast and before I knew it my girls were all grown up, moving out, getting married and having kids of there own. Hey, wait a minute… I am a Gramma at 40? No sweat, I handled it gracefully. Fast forward to the present: I have been on a journey led by God. I took a sabbatical for the last 6 years learning new people skills in real estate, retail and care giving to the elderly. But my natural instincts kept leading me back to what my soul cannot deny. New visions, new risks, and a stronger faith has lead me to this point. Have I arrived? It’s like my life is all mapped out and a red arrow points to You Are Here! But the road keeps going and I have learned to listen to that still small voice. My days are filled with a little bit of art, a little bit of caring for my grandchildren, care giving to the elderly and volunteering at Sunday school. I am currently working on sculpting with clay in a tile mosaic setting, like my Seed Pod series or House of Fruit Trios. Some of my pieces are a mixture of individual 3-D tiles, shadow box shrines, and ornaments. The work that’s being created is inspirational, whimsical, and contemporary. Even though life can be very serious and intense I hope to achieve simply bringing joy or even a smile to someone’s face though my creations. I am also designing and developing my%2

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