Plates, Platters and Spoon Rests

FLOWERING SANTA RITA long dish pottery

Purple Santa Rita long dish



Platter or Long Plate, this pottery dish is oval in shape, hand built, hand glazed. The flowering purple cactus otherwise known as Santa Rita Prickly Pear Cactus is the image in the dish.  It is functional, kiln fired, glazed with non toxic glaze.  Dish washer safe,  oven warmer safe.

Flowering Prickly Pear Cactus Dish Pottery

Handmade oval shaped platter/ long dish for serving. Measures 16" long x 5.5" wide x 2" deep Free shipping.



Cactus Spoon Rest Collection

Available for whole sale orders. Collection of 4 cactus spoon rest/ dish pottery plates. Red Barrel, White Barrel, Saguaro and Prickly Pear Dish. Does not include spoon, Glazed with food safe glazes and kiln high fired. Durable and chip resistant. Price includes shipping and handling. Measurements vary from 9" wide x 8" tall, to 10' tall x 6 " wide. Must show proof of resale to qualify for pricing.