Robin Chlad Designs

I am so excited about this coming season.  Fall!  It’s finally here and I am busy making inventory as fast as I can.   I spent the summer building stock and all of that went into galleries: Tucson Botanical Gardens Gift Shop,  Tucson Museum of Art Gift Shop and Mas Y  Mas. (More about the galleries later),   I am  producing more art pieces and my creativity is exploding. 

I have been planning my booth design, making mental notes of the items I will need to  maximize the space. I look forward to being in the atmosphere of artists ready to put a smile on their faces and sell.    To an artist,  a  sale is a validation of something they have put their heart and soul into.  Well,  at least it is to me.  Combine that with crisp cool air, the aroma of  kettle corn,  familiar faces of vendors and collectors and you have yourself a very enjoyable afternoon.  

This is the schedule so far:

St. Phillips  Outdoor Art Show  One day only, Sunday…

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