Working best under pressure…Frog Tea Tile

As I prepare for my upcoming show this week,  I  heard that familiar voice , “I work best under pressure” or ” I can accomplish much when I have a deadline”.   That has always ended up being  a false statement for me because when I have a deadline even though I visualize my self being organized and relaxed and calm, I  rarely am.   Actually,  I  add more and more to my list when preparing for a craft show.   Because I never really know what or how much I am going to sell,  I am terrible about making a stop production dead line, always believing I can fit a few more pieces in by the time I have to pack the car.   I have high expectations.  But that is part of the mental preparation as well.  It’s hopeful, exciting and full of expectation.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the ball….

Last Saturday morning, I went to fire some of my work in my kiln.  My kiln does not sit on my property but sits on a friend’s property, in back of an office building along with 2 other kilns.  When I arrived,  I discovered I had been a victim to a theft.  Some thug had stolen the control panels off all the kilns…, just stripped them right off!  I was in shock, of course.

I was confounded by what my eyes were taking in. I wanted to cry but I was immediately making arrangements for my next firing.  Thankfully, my dear friend, Janice, came to my rescue.  But that did not solve my problem.  I kept telling myself  “it will all be okay, God will supply my every need” , while falling into sporadic  tears and feeling sorry for myself.  One thing I did not do is panic!  I have been through many shockers through out my life and I decided this was not something I wanted to freak out about.  I am as ready as I will ever be.  If I don’t get everything accomplished it’s okay.  Pressure is good but I’ll keep it in perspective.

And so I quickly moved on to happier thoughts.  I know God has a plan for me! It is almost a week later and I have not resolved this issue.  But I am still believing God will supply all my needs!

Here is a cute tile that come out of the kiln before the robbery…

These are pieces I will have at the 20th Annual St Phillips Outdoor Art/Craft Fair happening this Sunday October 21, from 9-5

Frog Tea Tile
Frog Tea Tile


Frog Tea Tile
Frog Tea 3-D Tile


Sacred Heart with a Crown and Roses



Sacred Heart with Crown and Roses 3-D Tile


Arizona Sites
Ceramic 3-D tile trio of desert flowers, chili pepper, and jack rabbit.

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