July Vacation classes

Robin Chlad
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The handmade life.

July is almost upon us. Monsoons come!  From me to you, I hope you have a joyous Independence Day.  

We are wrapping up June Mosaic Classes.  Everything is going smoothly and we have some pretty talented ladies creating wonderful pieces that will be featured in next months Newsletter.

For July, I will be offering a Mosaic class again.  Create tiles that have dimension and pop with color.   The class starts Wednesday, July 8- 29th, from 5-7 for 4 weeks. Choose from a Welcome Rock or a 10″ Square Wall piece. Cost is $125.00.  Includes clay and firing and lessons.  There are material fees depending on the project you choose.

Above images are ideas and you will not be required to do the exact same project but something similar.

I am available for private classes.  If you have a project that demands coaching, specific attention, and design expertise, give me a call.  My private classes are very flexible.

Thursdays in July
I am offering ceramic Shadow Box Class for 4 weeks, starting July 9-30
From 6-8 p.m.
Cost includes clay and 2 firings and lessons for $125.00

Do something fun and heart felt.  Stay cool and enjoy life!


FullSizeRender (3)

 So far, I have been enjoying my summer, gardening, discovering a gluten free diet and  babysitting my beautiful grandchildren, Lola, who’s 5 and Christian, who’s soon to be 7.  We find lots of projects and things to get into like going to the library, building forts, swimming and of coarse, art stuff.  I love them sooo much!


I have been playing with paints and canvas when I can.  This one is called Sunrise Cactus Butte. 30′ x 15″ x 2″ deep frameless canvas.  It is available.

Sunrise Cactus Butte

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