Sweet September

Coyote on a Scooter with Menacing Crows. Ceramic Shadow box
Coyote on a Scooter with Menacing Crows. Ceramic Shadow box

I am glad September is here.  This is the time that most craftsmen are stocking the galleries and gift shops with art work for the upcoming season.  And I am no different.

I had so many hurdles to jump over last year and I admit I was caught off guard.

In the beginning of 2012 I fired my kiln and had a mishap with the top of the kiln and it was unusable.  So I had to replace it, cha ching!   I had moved in April of 2012, lost my regular job, and I delayed  hooking up my kiln because it was going to cost a chunk of money to get the electrical wiring strung.  Well, a friend invited me to hook my kiln up on her property in back of her house.  Some drug thugs ripped off the electrical panel, cha ching! I was devastated for a moment. But I am an overcomer.  As soon as I could afford it I brought my kiln home, bought a used electrical panel, wired my house for 220/ 60 amp. Cha ching!   Now I was back in business.   So those were a few of my hurdles.

I now have a few strategies for marketing and selling my work.  In case you didn’t know…..

I’ m in 3 different gift shops in Tucson.  The Museum of Art, Tucson Botanical Gardens and Tohono Chul Park.

Each gallery will hold different items so I hope you will get a chance to visit and take your winter visitors to all three spots.

Tohono Chul Park will have a show called Small Wonders.  It will be a holiday show of smaller works from local artist.

This ceramic shadow box is inspired by silliness and whimsy.  I think scooters are cool and if I had extra room to store it I would probably own one.  This box depicts a three legged coyote speeding off on his scooter trying to escape the raven’s wrath.  But he’s caught!  They are in  a desert scene.  I love how the glazes came out on this one.  It is part of a series I hope to create enough to someday have a one person show or something like that.

Close up of Coyote on a Scooter
Close up of Coyote on a Scooter

I will be placing my new and adorable  pomegranate ornament designs in the gift shops.  They are not just for Christmas trees but are keepsakes, ooak, housewarming gifts and Chanukah gifts.  As seen here:

Nativity Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament
Nativity Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament


Nativity scene Blue Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament
Nativity scene Blue Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament


Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament with bunny
Ceramic Pomegranate Ornament with bunny


The Tucson Botanical Gardens carries my 3- Dimensional tiles that have birds and wildlife on them.

Peacock with Exotic Egg
Peacock with Exotic Egg

The Tucson Museum of Art carries a menagerie of my work.  Mirrors, lamps, serving sets and wall pieces.

I am preparing for the annual art shows.  Among them is The Open Studio Tour, November 9 & 10.

I will be participating with a group of artists I head up called Creative Artists 4 Tucson in conjunction with One on One Mentoring.   It will be held at the Trinity Presbyterian Church on University and 4th ave.  It’s a great spot and easy to access.  Lots of parking.

Creative Artists 4 Tucson is a branch of 4 Tucson and we are doing exciting things already.  Not only do we hold a Traveling Art Show at various churches around Tucson but we are also bringing awareness to what 4 Tucson is all about.  If you want to get involved, message me and I can give you more information.

Desert Harvesting Ceramic Shadow Box Collecting fruit from Saguaro Cactus
Desert Harvesting
Ceramic Shadow Box Collecting fruit from Saguaro Cactus

This shadow box depicts a scene of humans and birds competing for the same thing…saguaro cactus fruit.  I have never tasted the fruit before but indigenous folks in the Sonoran Desert loves to make jelly from them.  And the doves…well, that goes without saying.  On my early morning bike rides this summer, I’m sure I saw a bird on every top of Saguaro cactus eating the fruit.  The very top of the box shows the three Saguaro flowers.  This piece is highly detailed and it tells a story of tradition and survival.

All the work you see on my blog is for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing anything I post in here please message me.  I take orders through Pay pal or direct over the phone.

This is an incomplete schedule but  I will keep you updated as the Lord leads me.  Until then, be blessed a thousand times.



  1. I love the whimsy and beauty of the coyote piece and the detail work of all the pieces is really beautiful. You sure are making the world a more beautiful place. Thank you Robin.


  2. Thank you Cindy. And so are you.


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