Buy the Couch!

Happy February Folks.

I recently bought a couch after the holidays.  It was a large purchase and one I had thought hard about. I researched on-line, went to local furniture stores, scrolled through FB Marketplace night after night.  I definitely was leaning towards a retro style but contemporary.    And it had to be TEAL.

Now a teal sofa is not a common color for retail shops.  But there are plenty on the internet.  I have never made a furniture purchase on-line before…  but it seems everyone is doing it these days.  I mean for crying out loud, Amazon is selling yachts on-line now.

Being an artist, I tend to be very eclectic, mostly due to my level of income, of course.  My style is bohemian, a mix of Moroccan, southwest, and artsy.   I really appreciate those that have matching ensembles and symmetrical  detailed arrangements of furniture.  I love looking at interior designed magazines. And if I had a million bucks…..sigh.

Why teal?  I have a lot of my own paintings and art work around the house and there tends to be teal in practically every painting I have.  It’s probably my favorite color.

I used to work at an art supplies store and later managed a tile shop.   We had customers who would mat paintings/ art work  or choose tile colors and designs to match the furniture.  I and my coworkers would scratch our heads. Now, the rule of thumb is you don’t match either one to go with the couch or credenza.  The furniture should stand for itself.  As art should stand for itself.

I don’t have to worry about that because my place is eclectic.

I found myself reversing the rational of matching art to sofa, instead I would match sofa to art!   I decided to get that sofa that goes with MY art work.    Because I am an artist, I have a license to do it!  I bought the couch and I love it!  A Velvet Teal Chesterfield couch, retro yet contemporary.   Pip approves and it seemed to be a hit on FB with so many likes and comments.   It was fun sharing it with everyone.

Have a fabulous February folks.

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