Trunk Show….Whats that?

Trunk Show….Whats that?

A question I am often asked.
First of all, I will be having a trunk show at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery this weekend.  Saturday and Sunday, February 2 & 3 from 11- 3.
I will be featuring my”MENDED HEARTS” (large wall art hearts) for Valentine’s day and my new bench design:  “POPPY FIELDS”

I will also have small gift hearts and functional wares. Come see all the colors featuring red, bright red and everything made with passion.  


Mended Hearts

IMG_2959 (1)

Poppy Fields Bench





So where did the term “trunk show” originate from?
According to Google, in the 1800’s the term was born out of retailers not having enough space to display goods. So they would ask designers and crafts people to come bring their goods and sell in a corner of their shops or out in front of the store for the day.  More recently the term “Pop up show”  has been adopted but has the same purpose.

I imagine going further back to the days of traveling gypsies and sales men who had fanciful wagons full of exotic goods.
I hope you can join me to usher in February full of artsy things to do.

Below is a sneak preview of my functional ware and there will be more to choose from.





  1. Tiffany Bruno

    Hello,How much would a wall installation just like the “Arroyo Garden” you have on your web site cost?Thank youTiffany


    1. Hi Tiffany. As much as I would like to give you a price….I have to say it depends on what you want. Where is it going? outside or in? Vertical or horizonal?, how big of a mural would you like? Do you want me to install it? Could we have a conversation about what you imagine by email or phone? I would love to get all the details. Thanks. Robin


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