Best in Show Ribbon!

3rd place Best in Show!

The St Phillips Show on Sunday was beautiful.  Not only was the weather perfect but it was well attended, in a pretty venue and everyone was in high spirits.  I have always done well at this one- day show and Sunday proved to  hold up my expectations.  It was awesome.  Not only because it’s the best one-day show I have ever done but that many of my friends purposely came to see me and hang out with me.  That’s what made it special.  To be encouraged and supported is an important thing but it also took a lot of the stress of comparing my work to others (insecurities from not being in the game for  several years).

But what really surprised me is that I received a ribbon for 3rd place Best In Show!  Now I don’t want to downplay it by any means but it wasn’t really the booth that was all that creative.  Although,  I did receive compliments from the backdrop screen I created out of 2 vintage doors with knobs.  I hung my 3-d tiles and mosaics on it.  The best thing about it is that I salvaged them from the side of the street during city junk pick up week.   I would love to get 2 more doors to make it really sturdy and stunning.  The screens made my work stand out.

When I was presented with the recognition it was through the St. Phillips show volunteers.  I was recognized for my persistence , quality, execution  and uniqueness.  I give God the glory!  He has given me the creativity,  persistance,  hope and belief in my ability to share this gift with others.  And so I have a thankful heart for my God as my friend and all the conversations I had with him leading up to the show.  I was re-entering the art market once again and it was a blessing to  be noticed.

gRobin with her work and ” The Ribbon”.



Finch with a Pomegranite
Doggy Birthday Celebration
“Happy Birthday”

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