Teacups and Butterflies

Butterfly Tall Vase


I am preparing for a solo show at Degrazia’s Little Gallery in the fall.  Posted through out this blog are images of designs birthed from my adoration of butterflies.

What is it about butterflies?

Well, much like birds, they fly.  I like flying things.  But I often have a very different response to a butterfly than a bird.  Butterflies are so vibrant, so delicate, so buoyant and persistent.  Butterflies ride on the subtle wind currents and they persevere against all odds.  And because of where they came from, an ugly caterpiller, it’s their metamorphosis that makes them even more amazing.

Butterflies are an inspiration to me.

When I was small, my family lived on rural farm land in upstate New York. We lived across the street from a barn that was owned by a man named Ed Haberly.   Me and my siblings were always out playing in the cow yard behind the barn.  I remember watching yellow or white butterflies, tons of them, fluttering above puddles mixed with cow pee and poop.  I really don’t know why they were attracted to that muck.   But I didn’t question it back then.  Maybe they liked the smell?

Whenever I see a dead butterfly with wings intact I feel sad for him but I save the wings like little treasures and place them in a tea-cup in my china closet.


Back to my question, what is it about butterflies?

I can only relate it to the spirit that is in all of us to succeed.  To carry on against all odds.

So, yea, I’m reflecting on my life. I usually do that once or twice a day.  I get up, talk to Jesus and ask for His will to be done.  Of course. I have my plans but when I stop and think, I really want His will for me.   And that is freeing because I no longer have to feel alone in this world trying to figure out things on my own.  The subtle currents take me from here to there but I persevere on the path that is my purpose.

Iglesia Butterfly Miniature Canvas Painting

God is in the details and He gives you the desires of your heart.

My point is: We all go through these seasons of metamorphosis but we can be buoyant, persistent, and persevere against all odds.  We must always remember what our purpose is, here on earth.  If you don’t know yet, you will find it.  If you ask, seek and knock, it will be revealed to you.

I hope this inspires you.  Be free like a butterfly.


Butterfly Tile Wall Art
Butterfly Shadow Box with Handmade tile wall art
large butterfly mosaic, flowers, pom & pear set 015
Butterfly and Friends Trio shadow box wall art




Published by robinchladdesigns

I have been doodling, coloring, drawing, cutting, sculpting, painting, sewing, writing and everything in between since I could hold a crayon in my hand. My first art projects were filling up a big, fat coloring book of bridal dresses. I boldly ventured into new territory with paint-by-number sets. I graduated to luxurious and decadent velvet (paint-by-number) sets. Eventually, I mastered the art of Spirogragh. Originally from upstate New York I have lived in Tucson, Arizona since 1986. Back then I was a single mom and found myself in the job market. I went to Pima Community College for training. Instead of diving into my academics I kept hanging around the pottery studio. Some people lived there and if I didn’t have two little girls at home I would have ended up living there as well. Joking aside, I fell in love with clay and all its possibilities. Being in a position to care for my kids, in 1989 I created a very marketable, creative, and functional item. It was a simple concept that took me into new heights of the craft world and I became an entrepreneur. Creating and selling became my passion. I had achieved success for many years. I loved being my own boss and living the artist’s dream. Life moved real fast and before I knew it my girls were all grown up, moving out, getting married and having kids of there own. Hey, wait a minute… I am a Gramma at 40? No sweat, I handled it gracefully. Fast forward to the present: I have been on a journey led by God. I took a sabbatical for the last 6 years learning new people skills in real estate, retail and care giving to the elderly. But my natural instincts kept leading me back to what my soul cannot deny. New visions, new risks, and a stronger faith has lead me to this point. Have I arrived? It’s like my life is all mapped out and a red arrow points to You Are Here! But the road keeps going and I have learned to listen to that still small voice. My days are filled with a little bit of art, a little bit of caring for my grandchildren, care giving to the elderly and volunteering at Sunday school. I am currently working on sculpting with clay in a tile mosaic setting, like my Seed Pod series or House of Fruit Trios. Some of my pieces are a mixture of individual 3-D tiles, shadow box shrines, and ornaments. The work that’s being created is inspirational, whimsical, and contemporary. Even though life can be very serious and intense I hope to achieve simply bringing joy or even a smile to someone’s face though my creations. I am also designing and developing my%2

2 thoughts on “Teacups and Butterflies

  1. Beautiful work as usual. Where in upstate NY? I have lived in a few places up there. First I lived in the Mohawk Vally in a teeny town called Fort Plain where my first husband was from. Then we lived in a place further down state called Callicoon. I loved it up there in summer. Not so much in winter.


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