Honoring Dad

My dad has been gone from us for many years now.  But I just want to take time out to remember him for his goodness and contributions as well as his struggles.

First of all, I can imagine it’s tough being a man in this world.  Being a provider, a protector, husband, father, the cornerstone to the family.  It’s a lot to juggle.  Ideally,  that is what a man is.

My dad was all that.  A dad of 6 kids.

The things I know of his past, his struggles and pain all came from stories my mom told me.  My dad wasn’t a talker.  He was a creative type, an introvert and suffered from alcoholism. He did not talk about his life.  I can’t remember us ever having a conversation.

Sure, he told me what to do but that was the extent of our relationship.  I believe it is not an uncommon dynamic in many families.   I will spare you the details of my memory of how I saw him growing up but I look back and see how much I am like him.  I am an introvert for sure.  I speak through my creative self…through my art.  My dad was a mason, a brick layer….he made beautiful stone fireplaces and walls.  He made foundations for many homes.  He was a tough laborer.  I am too, in a sense.  My mind and hands like to create and that is how my dad was too. He worked with heavy mortar, brick, and concrete and I work with concrete, tile and grout!

He wasn’t tender but rock- like, Archie Bunker type.  I wouldn’t exactly call him an artist but he was creative. He was a good story-teller,  funny and loved telling jokes.   He loved to play the harmonica. He was a good dancer too.  And he loved buying my mom clothes.  He had style! (Side story…I don’t think my dad ever personally bought me clothes but when my daughter was 3, he bought her a cute plaid dress for her birthday.  HE took the time…. burly guy and all, to pick out his grand daughter’s dress.)  That touched my heart.

I admire him for all he was or even tried to be.

James R. Chlad







Loved his Caddy

Dad and car (2)

He left us too soon at age 57.  I wish he could have lived longer to see his grand kids grow up.

I miss and love you dad, Happy Fathers Day.






  1. Martha Smith

    What a beautiful tribute to your dad Robin. I’m sure he’s looking down and is so very proud of you.


    1. Thank you Martha. I appreciate the encouragement. We miss him so much.


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